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Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac, a golf influencer, Calls Out Body Shamers for Rude Remarks It may be unsuccessful.

On social media, Paige Spiranac is denouncing body shamers.


The model and former professional golfer, 29, claimed earlier this week that she had to remove a lot of crude comments from under her most recent golfing video.


“The number of men calling me “fat” on this post is next level, to be honest. I’ve had to delete a lot of comments, something I hardly ever do “In a now-gone Instagram Story, Spiranac wrote.


“It’s challenging to maintain my desired weight year after year even though I realise that my physique plays a significant role in my brand and that this comes with the territory. I have to work really hard in the gym and with food,” she continued. “I’m not naturally good at it. When people point out my physical issues, it can be discouraging.”


For individuals who “experience a similar body pressure,” Spiranac, who has 3.6 million followers, added that she would want to start revealing more specifics about her food and exercise regimen. She claimed that instead of doing out now just for the sake of feeling well, she used to do it to look beautiful.


As she posted a comment section for her followers to share their own stories, Spiranac continued, “Changing my thinking around working out to make it a more positive experience.”


In her letter, she stated, “I realise I have a male-dominated audience and wanted to open up the floor to hear about your experiences with body concerns.” “I don’t think it’s discussed enough how body shaming also affects men. Everyone of us feels pressure to seem a certain way.”


Later, Spiranac praised her fans for their encouragement and for confiding in her enough to open out about their own body insecurities.


The statement she made on her Instagram Story on Thursday was, “We are all more alike than different. “In the hopes of assisting you as well, I’m eager to share more about my journey toward fitness and wellness. We are all involved in this.”


Paige Spiranac, a golfer and SI Swim model, declared she “didn’t want to live any more” following cyberbullying.


In 2018, Spiranac recalls having to cope with cyberbullying because of her appearance during her golfing career.


On the eve of one of the biggest tournaments of her golfing career, Spiranac claimed she had been dubbed the “hottest golfer on the planet” and that people had told her she wasn’t good enough to play and that she was only sexualizing the sport because she had been invited to the tournament to bring attention to it rather than because of her skill.


Spiranac admitted to Sports Illustrated at the time, “It definitely damaged me.” “I was sobbing uncontrollably in the bathroom while saying, “I don’t want to go through this pain or feel this helpless.” being solitary Scared.’ I said that I never wanted anyone to experience what I did at that very time. I was really terrified. How helpless I felt because the bullying was so severe that I no longer wanted to live.”


She expressed to the publication her desire to encourage others by raising awareness about cyberbullying.


Spiranac remarked at the time that “people from all walks of life are cyberbullied every single day and that’s not okay.” “Instead of urging the victims to remove their social media accounts or to ignore the hate, it’s time we started helping them. I’ve committed a large portion of my time to assisting others because it’s time we made a difference.”

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