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Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera will end its legendary Broadway run the following year.

THE NEW YORK (WABC) The longest-running Broadway production and a pillar of New York City theatre, “Phantom of the Opera,” will end its run early in 2019.


The musical said on Friday that it will celebrate its 35th anniversary on January 26 and then hold its final Broadway performance on February 18.


As part of Broadway Week, Mayor Eric Adams attended the performance earlier this month to recognise the theatre district’s resiliency in the midst of the pandemic.


For much over a decade, Phantom has been the longest-running production on Broadway.


At The Majestic Theatre on West 44th Street, the show has performed more than 13,500 times for 19.5 million viewers alone on Broadway.


According to the programme, it has been the biggest single source of cash and employment in Broadway and American theatrical history. 400 actors were among the estimated 6,500 persons engaged in the New York production alone throughout the course of its more than three decades of operation.


Other worldwide performances, such as the premier London production, which will mark its 36th anniversary on October 9 and is still running with no end in sight, will go on, according to a spokeswoman.



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