Pricing for the Pixel Watch could begin at $349, which is not bad.

Because we still don’t know much about Google’s upcoming Pixel Watch and because we’re only a few weeks away from its complete unveiling, all tech enthusiasts can think about right now is how much it will cost. A fresh report claims the WiFi/Bluetooth models of Google’s first watch may launch at a greater price than rivals after learning that the LTE or cellular devices may be decently priced.

a fresh 9to5 report

The Pixel Watch will reportedly start at $349 for WiFi and Bluetooth, according to Google. That kind of is and also isn’t pricey, if that seems expensive to you.

The information for this story comes from a retailer who shared pictures of what looks to be a retail inventory scanner that lists each Pixel Watch model by connectivity and colour. As you can see in the image below, the price for the WiFi variant is $349.99. The cost of the LTE model is not displayed, but I would assume that it was confirmed to be $399 as previously stated.

Given that Samsung recently unveiled its Galaxy Watch 5 line, which starts at $279.99, the price for WiFi connection probably looks exorbitant. Though Google may have made some minor customizations to the older Samsung processor, Samsung’s new watches are thought to have a considerably more modern chipset than the Pixel Watch. The other specifications might line up beautifully, and Google uses stainless steel for its cases, but is a case finish worth an additional $70? We’ll soon learn. The lesson, at least for me, is that Google is pricing for its premium casing, which should feel and wear better than practically everyone else’s watch.

The watch’s potential colour and band combinations are made clearer by this new pricing report. Three WiFi model colors—Black (case)/Obsidian (band), Silver/Chalk, and Gold/Hazel—should be available for purchase. Combinations for the LTE model ought to include Gold/Hazel, Silver/Charcoal, and Black (case)/Obsidian (band).

You’re okay with spending $350 on the Pixel Watch?