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Rapper Tory Lanez was sentenced by a LA judge to house arrest and electronic monitoring.

Rapper Tory Lanez was sentenced by a LA judge to house arrest and electronic monitoring.

Rapper Tory Lanez is under home arrest and electronic monitoring as he awaits trial on allegations that he shot at Megan Thee Stallion’s feet in the Hollywood Hills on Tuesday. The judge issued the order on Wednesday.

Judge David Herriford of the Superior Court denied the prosecution’s plea to detain the 30-year-old singer without bail as a result of an alleged attack on a man in Chicago last month.

The judge noted that the defense’s response countered that there was insufficient evidence that a battery had even taken place, while noting that the prosecution had argued in their motion that the defendant—whose real name is Daystar Peterson—poses a danger to society and has a history of disobeying court orders.

In addition to accusations that he personally used a firearm and seriously injured the victim, deputy district attorney Alexander Bott urged the judge to remand the rapper to jail without bail while he awaits trial on one count of assault with a semiautomatic firearm and one count of transporting a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle. Nov. 28 is the tentative start date for his trial.

The prosecutor informed the judge that Lanez had previously disregarded court orders not to approach Megan Thee Stallion within 100 yards and posted messages on social media that seemed to be directed at her. The prosecutor claimed that Lanez has “shown such a flagrant disregard for the court’s orders.” According to Bott, the defendant allegedly hit a man “without notice” on September 17 in Chicago, knocking him to the ground.

Shawn Holley, the rapper’s lawyer, responded that the Chicago incident only concerns “mere claims,” adding that “these charges are challenged.” She stated that there hasn’t been a case filed there.

The defence attorney told the judge, “I’m not really convinced there’s anything this court should do given the unverified charges.”

The rapper must be under electronic surveillance and home arrest from this Friday until the next court appearance, the judge said.

The judge raised Lanez’s bond from $250,000 to $350,000 on April 5, agreeing with the claim made by Deputy District Attorney Kathy Ta that some of Lanez’s social media posts appeared to be communications intended for Megan Thee Stallion. Lanez spent nearly five hours in detention as a result. The judge subsequently issued an order prohibiting Lanez from mentioning his colleague rapper in public.

Megan Thee Stallion told him that she heard Lanez say, “Dance, bitch,” before he fired at her at around 4:30 a.m. on July 12, 2020, as the bikini-clad woman got out of a Cadillac SUV for the second time that morning after an argument, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Ryan Stogner testified during a preliminary hearing last year.

Only Megan heard the words “Dance, bitch,” did they not? During the cross-examination, defence attorney Shawn Holley questioned.

The detective said, “Correct.”

According to the investigator, the alleged victim, who was only given the name “Megan P.” in court and the criminal complaint, claimed that she fell to the ground and crawled to a nearby driveway because her feet were “bleeding profusely.”

She claimed that Lanez approached her thereafter along with a female acquaintance who had been in the car, and that he “emphatically apologised for what he did” and offered to drive her home.

Megan Thee Stallion allegedly told police that Lanez “gave her money” and asked her not to speak up, claiming that he was on probation. Stogner, however, claimed that he could never confirm Megan Thee Stallion’s account.

She first told cops and medical professionals that she had not been shot and that shattered glass had caused the injuries to her feet when the car was halted by police officers responding to a call of a gunshot, according to the detective.

She initially told the investigator that she was “very afraid and ashamed,” “scared he was going to be in trouble,” and worried that the police could shoot him, but Stogner testified that when she later revealed that Lanez had shot her, she was “sincere,” “visibly distraught,” and “sobbing.”

The woman later had some of the bullet pieces removed from her feet by an orthopaedic surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, but others still remained inside her. The detective also claimed that the woman reported needing continuous physical therapy and having trouble walking in particular types of shoes.

As the woman’s female friend waited at the hospital after Lanez’s arrest, “he proceeded to apologise for the incident that occurred” and indicated that he was essentially intoxicated, the investigating officer testified.

Throughout the hearing last December 14, Lanez questioned aloud from the other side of the courtroom how the detective could determine why he was apologising during the call.

Does he mention shooting at all during the jail call? Holley enquired of the policeman.

Stogner answered, “No.

According to LAPD Officer Sandra Cabral, there were four persons in the SUV that was stopped about a mile from the area where shots were reportedly fired, including the bleeding injured woman and Lanez.

According to Cabral’s testimony, a handgun that was “warm to the touch” was recovered inside the car, and four expended shell shells were later retrieved nearby.

Megan Thee Stallion stated in a video that was shared on Instagram Live after the shooting, “Tory wounded me. You killed me, hired a publicist, and your staff is lying, Quit lying.”

She claimed that police officers had driven her to the hospital, where she underwent surgery, and she expressed her gratitude for being alive.

She claimed in a New York Times op-ed that she had just been the victim of a man’s violent conduct and that she originally kept quiet about it “out of concern for myself and my friends.”

Even as a victim, she claimed, “I have encountered suspicion and judgement.” “My anxieties about talking about what happened were, regrettably, justified given the way people have publicly questioned and argued whether I played a role in my own brutal assault,” the author said.

Megan Pete, the rapper’s true name, rose to stardom in part as a result of freestyle recordings that were extensively disseminated on Instagram. Her controversial duet with Cardi B on “WAP” brought her further recognition, while her single “Savage” went viral on TikTok and peaked the Billboard Hot 100 chart in May 2020.

“I have full faith in God to prove that… love to all my fans and those that have stayed faithful to me & know my heart,” Lanez stated in a tweet from last year. “A charge is not a conviction.”

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