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Roseanne Barr; Steven Levitan

Reboot’s connection to Roseanne Barr’s scandal is explained by Steve Levitan.

For his new satirical sitcom Reboot, the Modern Family creator takes inspiration from real-life Hollywood difficulties.


Reboot, a parody on sitcoms and their reboots on Hulu, has a lot of fascinating material to explore in terms of how the sausage is made. In fact, Steven Levitan, the creator, is shocked that no one has explored the subject yet, especially in light of all the recent reboots and behind-the-scenes turmoil.


The demise of Roseanne, whose title character was fired following Roseanne Barr’s racism incident, served as a key source of inspiration for Reboot. According to Levitan in an interview with TheWrap, “I just remember thinking it must be so fascinating to be on that soundstage-you know, for these people to have left and then made the decision to come back, which I’m sure was tricky, and, then for that to blow up, and all the intrigue, and all the behind the scenes stuff that must have been going on, I’m sure was really intense. I then reflected, “Wow, it must be fascinating.”


Levitan believed the concept “would be gone by the time I finished” because he was still working on Modern Family at the time. Instead, after that programme ended, he was free to focus entirely on the following idea: “It just gave me the idea that, you know, a bunch of performers and people going back to a show after a long time for a relaunch is a really fantastic arena for comedy. You have to work under extreme pressure while dealing with these larger-than-life characters, and sometimes their lives didn’t go precisely as planned.


Barr’s lack of subtlety as the star of her series serves as a stark example of one aspect of comedy: reinventing a show in a time of greater sensitivity and visibility. “The entire #MeToo, woke culture has transformed where you can go, and overwhelmingly for the better. Levitan tells The New York Times that when everyone is so afraid of offending someone that you don’t even cross the line anymore, things get sticky. This relationship is explored in Reboot’s writers room, where there is a clear division between the up-and-comers and the veteran authors.


Reboot also makes observations about the streaming era while actually streaming on Hulu, which, according to network executives, pleased them. According to Karey Burke, president of 20th Television, “I don’t know that other platforms would be able to manage the zingers as elegantly as they have.” President of ABC Entertainment, Hulu, and Disney branded television streaming originals Craig Erwich says, “We loved it. It’s amusing. And the reason that’s humorous is that it probably holds true. Writers everywhere, take note of the idea of creating humour from real-world situations.

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