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Results from WWE Extreme Rules 2022: Riddle triumphs in the Fight Pit

To keep the peace during Seth Rollin and Matt Riddle’s Fight Pit encounter at Extreme Rules on October 8 in Philadelphia, WWE sent in UFC heavyweight legend Daniel Cormier.


It was a wise decision because the two men’s interactions have been highly personal (pun somewhat intended). DC had to put the contestants up against the cage to tell them to “fight him, not me” after each of them shoved him out of the way to attack their opponent.


They did, but the match’s momentum was halted by frequent ten counts that resembled boxing when Rollins or Riddle were on the ground (the Fight Pit can only be won by knockout or submission, but when the concept was used in NXT, it was much more MMA-like). When they moved to the platform above the ring, business started up and Seth hit a Pedigree, Bro, and RKO, but the contest couldn’t end there.


Riddle then sent the Visionary to the ground before launching a CRAZY Bro-ton!




After recovering from the damage he did to himself, Riddle was able to survive being powerbombed off the cage to lock in a triangle, forcing Rollins to tap.


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