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Kelly Clarkson

Reunited with the original “American Idol” judges, Kelly Clarkson receives her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Kelly Clarkson claims that Simon Cowell’s honesty was the finest gift she had received.


Twenty years after winning the first-ever “American Idol” champion at the conclusion of the show’s first season in 2002, Kelly Clarkson earned her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday morning.


Following the ceremony, Clarkson talked to Fox News Digital about her feelings about hitting that Hollywood milestone 20 years after her momentous victory.


Clarkson was able to enjoy the moment with her two kids, who watched their mom’s great moment from the audience, as well as Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson, the original judges of “American Idol,” who gave her a significant break.


“It’s challenging to describe, right? My kid, who is six years old, and I are standing on a star that bears my name. It’s absurd “stated Clarkson. “I started on “Idol” when I was 19 years old, so it’s fantastic that it ended here 20 years later. I believe what matters is being able to continue to call each of those folks friends and have them be a part of my life. Twenty years later, your social circle still matters.”


32 people, including KELLY CLARKSON, NICK CANNON, and Courtney Cox, will be honoured on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2021.


During the ceremony, Abdul addressed on stage in honour of Clarkson on how she changed the world for the better after winning the competition and how she inspired others to pursue their dreams and understand that they are indeed achievable.


“Your life’s course has changed, but you were a part of changing everyone else’s as well. For me, having to sit next to a British guy throughout Season 1 was worth it because of your talent, determination, grace, and decency “added Abdul. “I cherish you. Thank you for altering the course of my life and giving me the belief that young, talented individuals may succeed and succeed greatly, just like a child believes in Santa Claus.”


In addition, Abdul said she “can already see it happening” and praised Clarkson for “everything that (she) isn’t even going to accomplish, but (she) will do in the next ten years,” calling Clarkson “living proof” that the programme altered people’s lives.


When reflecting on the first season, Cowell recalled how the initial days of filming caused him to second-guess his decision to join the programme because everything was going wrong, but that his viewpoint changed when Clarkson entered the audition room.


“On the first day, I honestly thought I was getting “Punched.” It became worse and worse until Paula quit, every singer was out of pitch, and I felt this was a joke. This is a complete disaster, I thought “said he. “I recall the day we first met, not just your voice but also your demeanour. To be quite honest with you, I had no idea how talented you were at that time. Simply said, I liked you, and I was grateful.”


The former “The Voice” judge opened out about her friendship with Cowell and that she most admires his honesty.




“Being honest is, in my opinion, what Simon does best for everyone. I’m grateful for that, and I don’t surround myself with individuals who agree with me “She spoke. “I think the best present you could offer somebody is honesty,” a person once said. “It’s nice to have someone be so honest with their view about a problem.”


Cowell also talked about the significance of the occasion, the position of Clarkson’s star, and the anniversary of her victory.


We’ve practically come full circle, he added. “Well, her song had the word moment in it, ‘A Moment Like This,’ and she won a few feet from where we’re standing right now at the Dolby Theater. “She’s getting the star 20 years later,”

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