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RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Says She Attempted Suicide After Being Bombarded By Instagram Trolls

RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Says She Attempted Suicide After Being Bombarded By Instagram Trolls

Jen Shah made a shocking revelation on Wednesday night’s episode ofThe Real Housewives of Salt Lake Cityand it has to do with a phenomenon that public figures unfortunately know all too well: social media trolls.

During a sit-down with fellow ROSLC stars Heather Gay and Lisa Barlow, Jen was initially getting grilled on her behavior during the cast trip to San Diego.

In response, Jen then brought up that she was upset over some of the women still being cool with Angie Harrington, a “friend” on the show. This sentiment was on account of Angie’s husband, Chris, creating an Instagram page called @shahxposed, which was a troll account dedicated to trashing Jen and Lisa.

Jen Shah Says The Backlash Got To Be Too Much: ‘I Tried To Commit Suicide’

After some back and forth on the matter, Jen revealed that she attempted suicide after learning about @shahxposed.

“I almost committed suicide. I tried to, okay, because your friend is heartless and tried to drag me and my entire family.”

Jen further spoke on her suicide attempt in the confessional.

“When I found out about @shahxposed, it came on a day when there was just a lot of negativity dealing with the trial, and I got to the point where, that day, I was done.”

She shared that she ultimately locked herself in the bathroom, though her husband—Sharrieff Shah—knocked down the door. He then took her to the hospital, where she was admitted for two-and-a-half days.

Later, during a group dinner, Jen reiterated her revelation.

“I tried to commit suicide and then Sharrieff had to take me to the hospital, so that’s why the Angie Harrington and Chris Harrington thing hit my husband so hard, because I did try to take my life.”

The Scandalous @Shahxposed Situation Played Out On The Show

The subject of internet trolls spreading hate about Jen, as well as Lisa Barlow, has been a recurring conversation this season, and with good reason.

Earlier episodes included discussion of @shahxposed, as it was uncovered that the account was run by Chris Harrington.

This not an honorable moment. This is an I’ve been busted moment #rhoslc pic.twitter.com/gzwUr7uwqo

— Lisa Barlow (@LisaBarlow7) November 3, 2022

After being confronted with the evidence, he admitted to it on the show.

Angie H’s husband is a troll. I wonder how many times I blocked him #rhoslc pic.twitter.com/K4mQGlYVLl

— suttons roller ᓚᘏᗢ (@SuttonsRoller) November 2, 2022

As a result of his meddling, Jen hilariously wrote him off as a “fat f**king elf on the shelf.”

AHHH! #rhoslc pic.twitter.com/Ia2vn8CmO4

— Queens of Bravo (@queensofbravo) November 3, 2022

However, aside from clapping back, we also have to note that Jen acknowledged the trolls’ impact on her mental health.

During conversations with her mother and husband this season, Jen addressed how the backlash would sometimes be so bad that she would consider suicide. She also acknowledged taking antidepressants to help manage her day-to-day life.

However, last night’s episode was the first time that Jen spoke on actually trying to take her own life.

The Online Hate Is Connected To Her Legal Woes

The entire troll situation is inextricably tied to Jen’s legal situation.

Back in early 2021, as the series was filming its second season, federal authorities accused Jen of being involved in a telemarketing scheme that preyed on older adults.

Thank the reality TV gods they caught the moments leading up to Jen Shah’s arrest on camera! I have full body goosebumps!! #RHOSLC pic.twitter.com/SnIAydwve3

— Chadwick (@ohchadwick) September 7, 2021

This brought on a plethora of backlash against Jen, though she maintained that the legal matter was all a misunderstanding.

Despite her continual proclamations of being “innocent,” Jen plead guilty to wire fraud during the summer. With this plea agreement, Jen Shah can be sentenced to a maximum of 14 years behind bars.

While she was initially set to be sentenced on November 18, her court date was moved to December 15. Eventually, it was rescheduled again for January 6, 2023.

If you or someone you know is struggling with suicidal ideation, help is available by dialing 988.


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