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TechSamsung’s criticism of Apple dropped it into a different Galaxy.

Samsung’s criticism of Apple dropped it into a different Galaxy.

You can travel to the moon with Samsung.


What you must understand

Apple’s lack of phone advances is mocked in a video attack by Samsung.

In contrast to the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s 12MP primary lens, the Galaxy S22 Ultra sports a potent 108MP primary camera with 100x Space Zoom.

With a flex cam and 6.7-inch screen, Samsung’s foldable, the Galaxy Z Flip 4, enables creative brains to be just that.

With its punch at Apple, Samsung awoke on the first of the month feeling angry.


There is no getting around the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and the iPhone 13 Pro Max will be compared. These flagships, which had the newest and best features, were the pinnacle models in each particular series. The Galaxy S22 Ultra and the recently introduced Z Flip 4 are the only two phones Samsung considers necessary to correct the record in its most current video, “Buckle Up.”


The video initially presents itself as an Apple film before switching to Samsung and claiming that the iPhone won’t be getting these revolutionary new capabilities. Then it uses the massive 108MP primary shooter on the back of the S22 Ultra as a mic drop. The main camera of the iPhone 13 Pro Max only has 12MP, for comparison. Next, we go on to another area where Samsung outperforms Apple: its 100x Space Zoom. Even Tech Radar was surprised by the S22 Ultra’s incredible zooming powers.


Speaking about the recently released Galaxy Z Flip 4 and claiming that these advancements “will be in someone else’s pocket” says a lot about the capabilities of the foldable. We expected the Z Flip 4 to have a Dynamic AMOLED 2x 6.7-inch main screen with ultra-thin glass and a 1.9-inch cover screen when it was introduced during Samsung’s Unpacked event in August.


You can alter that cover screen to reflect your personality. Additionally, the foldable phone has a “flex cam.” Social media users who want to make a brief video without holding their phone or having additional equipment can use this capability. The Flip 4 has a 12MP wide lens and an ultra-wide lens. These cameras pretty much match the capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Customers may also personalise their foldable with its Bespoke Edition, which comes in a variety of colours.


The final flourish of the video is the explosion of the obscured iPhone image. When it comes to having one of the greatest Android phones as well as one of the best foldable phones, Samsung takes the prize. While the top smartphones from both companies are the top rivals, Samsung is gaining an advantage over the iPhone thanks to its features and ongoing commitment to technological innovation.

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