SAND Crypto Price Prediction: Will New Metaverse Cryptos Outshine Sandbox?

SAND Crypto Price Prediction: Will New Metaverse Cryptos Outshine Sandbox?

Investing in the crypto market can be both a high-risk and a high-profit venture; however, price predictions help potential investors minimize risk by providing technical research that identifies if investing in a particular coin is worth it. SAND is a popular metaverse-based cryptocurrency with great utility; it is an Ethereum-powered blockchain that allows gamers to participate in blockchain-powered multiplayer games.

Despite SAND’s high utility and prospects in the long term, many people who want to invest still doubt if it can beat other metaverse coins like Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), RobotEra (BREAD)and Skull (RIA). Especially since, just like nearly all cryptos, SAND’s price took a massive hit in mid-November after the FTX scandal. SAND’s price has begun to see a recovery in recent weeks but investors will still be worried about its long-term prospects. This post will provide a price forecast of SAND crypto and highlight why the other metaverse coins might be the better option.

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SAND Price Prediction

SAND crypto is the main token used on the Sandbox metaverse that gamers use to participate in 3D-based NFT games. It has a total supply of 3 billion and a market cap of $1.2 Billion.

The table below will provide a price forecast for SAND crypto between 2022 and 2030. This price forecast was extracted based on deep research and analysis from cryptocurrency experts. However, the estimates here should not be taken as absolute because the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and subject to adjust to market realities.


















Based on the latest trading data from CoinMarketCap, SAND’s current price is close to a low not seen since mid 2021. So at the moment things are not looking great for the project. Although this downward trend in value is not limited to SAND alone, its performance for some time now has shown that it is a risky investment, even considering its slight recovery to stay 2023.

Although we believe that SAND has some excellent prospects, it is not the best option for now. Because coins like SAND are falling in value, many people are now turning to new progressive coins with both short-term and long-term potential.

Meta Masters Guild

Until now blockchain gaming has been missing something as it has not been able to compete anywhere close to the level traditional gaming giants occupy. Meta Masters Guild aims to solve this. They have pinpointed the two issues that they think need to be fixed to get blockchain gaming to the top. These are a lack of community gaming and a lack of addictive games that keep players around.

They will take a different approach to P2E gaming that zags well the rest of them zigs. They will take their native currency and pump it back into their guild rather than offering it as a reward. This ensures that the guild will grow from strength to strength and won’t be left behind with new developments. They will also try to harvest a community experience for gamers that blockchain gaming hasn’t offered a great deal of yet. They will do this by providing the above and allowing their players to earn rewards, stake and trade.

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Fight Out

The M2E genre of crypto looks to be one of the most exciting as we head into 2023. Fight Out is the newest one on the block and it looks set to be the biggest yet. Their app will solve the problems associated with stand alone gyms and fitness apps to create the ultimate fitness experience. Users can get personalized workouts in the app that tailor to their every need and goal.

Not only this but Fight Out are building new and partnering with existing gyms so users can come workout with like minded individuals. The gyms will be state of the art and contain everything from juice bars to content creation studios. It doesn’t stop here either, Fight Out will give its users access to the Metaverse through NFT avatars. These avatars will grow and develop alongside their users as they complete goals in their fitness journeys. The avatars can be used to socialize and more in the Metaverse with fellow users.

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RobotEra is an exciting new metaverse based P2E game that has investors and experts alike very excited. The presale, which is currently ongoing, is hurtling towards presale two as excitement grows. It’s easy to see where this excitement comes from too as RobotEra combines the NFT world with unbound metaverse P2E play.

Players are tasked with rebuilding the destroyed planet of Taro, which they do by purchasing plots of land and a NFT robot sidekick to help them. From then on there are no rules as Taro is like a second life game.

You can build on your land, collect resources and visit other people’s property. You can even make money by charging access or selling advertising space on your part of Taro. This of course encourages players to build the best experience possible which benefits the makers and investors.

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Many experts are tipping Skulls to be the biggest P2E game of 2023. After researching it some more we tend to agree. So do investors it seems as Calvaria’s presale has been a big success. They are closing in on the $3,075,000 goal they set out and the end of the presale is near.

Either way the presale will end at latest, on the 31st of January 2023. This news comes along with an announcement that an IEO will take place BKex followed by CEX listings with the same exchange along with Changelly, more listings are coming soon too.

As we said the hype around the game is real, players purchase NFTs that double as battle cards, they then build a deck and battle other players to earn in-game currency (RIA). Older players will feel like they’re back in the good old days playing Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon.

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Final thoughts

Investing in the cryptocurrency market is a risky game many people avoid. However, predictions, although not consistently accurate, provide us with a sneak peek of what’s to come ahead in a particular market. Although coins like SAND have good long-term potential, their chances dim when placed side by side with metaverse based coins such as the ones discussed above.

This is not a matter of hype but a fact, as we have seen from the analysis in this post. The price of all these coins are incredibly valuable considering their massive upside so potential investors can get involved now and see gains as we head further into Q1 2023.

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