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Shakira - Gerard Piqué

Shakira Discusses Her Split From Gerard Piqué And Tax Fraud Claims

Of the midst of her traumatic breakup from her ex-boyfriend Gerard Piqué, which she calls “the darkest hour in my life,” Shakira is finding solace in her music. In her first interview since announcing her separation from Piqué in a joint statement in June, the 45-year-old Columbian diva breaks her long silence. Although they were never wed, the ex-couple spent 12 years together and have two children together, Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7.


In her latest cover story for Elle magazine, Shakira discusses negotiating the highly publicised breakup, calling it “very traumatic.”


“I have made an effort to keep my kids from knowing the situation. It’s my top priority in life to protect them, so I try to do that “She discusses her sons with the magazine. But later, kids learn stuff from their peers at school or find unfavourable news online, and it just affects them, you know?


The salacious headlines surrounding the breakup, she claims, have “transformed into something vulgarised and cheapened” the connection with Piqué that once felt “holy,” calling it “perhaps the lowest hour of my life.” Shakira states that her first focus is raising their children as co-parents despite her decision to remain silent about Piqué’s relationship with his current girlfriend, Clara Chia, or claims that he had an extramarital affair.


She tells the magazine, “Gerard is the father of my children, regardless of how things ended or how I feel about him as an ex-partner. “We have a job to do for these two extraordinary guys, and I have faith that we will come to a fair decision that works for everyone concerned while also being best for their future and their own goals. And I sincerely hope and appreciate if you will allow us the privacy to accomplish that.”


Shakira seems to point to the job compromises she made for her family when asked what ultimately caused her to leave Piqué. Her ex, a professional soccer player, is a member of FC Barcelona, hence the family is based in Barcelona, Spain.


In order to support him and see him play football and win championships, she says she put her career on hold and travelled to Spain. “And it was a loving sacrifice. Because of that, I am able to be present for my children, and as a result, we have an incredible, lasting attachment.”


Shakira prioritises her kids while simultaneously expressing her grief through her new music. Her first record in five years is about to be released, she says. Identifying the writing procedure “therapeutic,” she continues, “In my experience, I believe that making music is similar to seeing a therapist, except less expensive [laughs]. Simply put, it aids in my emotional processing and understanding. And it aids in my recovery. I believe that music and songwriting are the best medicines, and they are two of the few resources I have to help me survive in harsh environments, coupled with the love of my family and my children.”


Shakira’s family life has also been difficult to manage as a result of her father, William Mebarak Chadid, who travelled to Barcelona, Spain, to support her family during the breakup but ended up falling and developing a subdural hematoma, a condition in which the blood vessel in the region between the skull and the brain is damaged.


“He had a brain operation. After that, he fell again a week later and damaged numerous bones in his face “Shares is Shakira.

Shakira claims that many of her well-known acquaintances have shown support to her throughout all of these difficulties.

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