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T.J. Miller declares he won’t collaborate with Ryan Reynolds once more: He despises me,

Ryan Reynolds’ former “Deadpool” co-star T.J. Miller says he was “horrifically rude” to him while acting in character on the set of the superhero movie, and the two will never collaborate again.


The actor revealed he won’t be in “Deadpool 3” in a new interview for the “Adam Corolla Show” podcast, citing a “very odd” encounter he had with Reynolds when filming the second movie of the franchise.


Will I collaborate with him again? No, I wouldn’t collaborate with him once more, said Miller, who portrayed Weasel, a close friend of Deadpool.


When host Adam Corolla questioned Miller, 41, about whether he and Reynolds, 45, were still friends after starring in the 2016 blockbuster and its 2018 sequel, the comic said the first movie “changed” his former co-star.


Reynolds wasn’t a great, huge movie star in the original “Deadpool,” according to Miller, who noted that he still adored Reynolds “as a comedian.”


The “Silicon Valley” alum then described the uncomfortable scene that supposedly occurred while filming, calling Reynolds “sort of an insecure person” and said that “it’s weird that he dislikes me.”


“On ‘Deadpool,’ he said, ‘Let’s do one more take.’ It was a really strange moment. Then, acting the part, he treated me like Weasel and was abhorrently cruel. He then said, “You know what I really admire about you, Weasel? The alleged exchange was described by Miller as follows: “You’re not the star, but you do just enough exposition to make it humorous, and then we can go and get back to the real movie,”


Later, he described the alleged encounter as “not a pleasant experience for me,” recalling the crew members’ confusion over how to react.


Miller implied that he wasn’t asked to return to the franchise even though he made it plain he had no intention of doing so on his own.


If they had said, “We want you to do “Deadpool 3,” and we’re going to pay you twice as much,” he wouldn’t have agreed to do it.


“I believe [Reynolds] should create a “Deadpool 3” and carry on with filmmaking. I simply believe that he dislikes me, and I found his manner of expressing it to be peculiar. I don’t need to undertake “Deadpool 3” at this time in my life. Miller proceeded by saying that he doesn’t think a character should be played for “more than five years.”


Reynolds’ representatives did not immediately reply to a request for comment from Page Six.


Miller, who is most known for playing Erlich in the HBO series “Silicon Valley,” has dealt with accusations before.


Miller refuted Alice Wetterlund’s allegations that he was a bully on the comedy series set in 2018 after Wetterlund made them.

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