Ten Crucial iOS 16 Tricks You Should Know

Apple makes an effort to showcase its most cutting-edge skills every year, whether it is through the release of new smartphones, high-end laptops, or, in this case, ground-breaking software changes. We whittled down 10 of the iOS 16 tips and techniques after the Cupertino-born tech giant made the new operating system widely available after announcing a number of gadgets at its most recent address. Therefore, if you haven’t updated your phone to iOS 16, we strongly advise doing so as soon as you can because a number of its new features are simply too alluring to pass up.

Hardware That Works

As long as your most recent iPhone upgrade occurred within the last five years, your smartphone should be compatible. Even the second and third SE generation phones from generations back to the iPhone 8 may download iOS16. Given that Apple releases new smartphones on a yearly basis, we can’t hold it against you if you lose track of the model you own. Open the Settings app, select General, then About, and your model name will be displayed.

GENERAL A Daily Apple

Battery Percentage: It’s unclear why Apple ever removed this useful feature, therefore it was just a matter of time before the Geniuses made the decision to do so. More importantly, accessing it is just as straightforward as it was at first. To get a reliable indication of your battery life, go to the Settings menu and toggle “Percentage” under the Battery category.

Haptic Feedback: Add a lively feel to your typing by opening the Settings app, then going to Sounds & Haptics, and toggling ‘Haptic’ under the Keyboard Feedback category.

There are several methods available for password-protecting photos, all of which eliminate the need for ad-filled, third-party apps. To begin with, you can toggle the Recently Deleted album’s hiding in the Photos app’s settings. In addition, you can click the secondary Edit button and choose “Hide” to have it automatically added to a folder that is completely concealed.

MESSAGE Changes You Can Make

Editing texts: Depending on the recipient, sending messages with numerous errors may not be a problem. However, the option to edit your wording is now more accessible than before. Simply long-press the relevant message, select “Edit,” and then make the necessary modifications.

Unsending messages: Apple has incorporated a tool that has become a fixture on applications like Instagram, in case you messaged the wrong person or believe a text may have been too offensive to send at all. Fortunately, the procedure is just as easy as the previous hack; simply select the message and select “Unsend” rather than “Edit.” Remember that it will let the recipient know that you deleted a text.

On the Dot MAIL

Scheduling: When contacting relatives, friends, or business colleagues who live abroad, the new Schedule feature of the Mail app is quite helpful. You’ll quickly discover that it will stop your emails from getting buried in a sea of updates and advertisements. To use this new feature, simply hold down the Send icon and choose from the pre-set windows or enter a custom time.

Similar to Gmail, you have a 10-second window in which to cancel sending an email; just make sure you do it in time.

Customized For You

Add Widgets: Since the addition of home screen widgets to the iPhone last year, it was only a matter of time until they were added to the lock screen. You can add anything from the weather to fitness information by touching and holding your lock screen and choosing the “Widgets” category.

Making multiple alternative lock screens is one of iOS 16’s most intriguing features. You can do this by customising the font, time, and background. To accomplish this, long-touch your lock screen, then push the bottom-positioned plus button to be prompted to choose a wallpaper from your photographs. Once you’ve selected your background, add the necessary components. Tap the clock to alter its stylised typeface, for instance.

Focus Mode: Focus Mode was undoubtedly one of iOS 15’s most convenient features, allowing you to designate specific time windows to keep you updated with what’s going on throughout the day, as opposed to the conventional Do Not Disturb mode. Go to the Focus section of the Settings app and select “Lock Screen” to get a distraction-free lock screen.


Nintendo owners and Apple Arcade subscribers can celebrate by connecting Switch Joy-Cons. To play games conventionally, go to the Bluetooth section in Settings, press the pairing buttons on your Joy-Con, and pair it with your device.