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Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra deconstruction shows that it is robust but difficult to repair.

You’ll still need to hire professionals to handle repairs.


The Apple Watch Ultra is made to withstand outdoor activities, but if you fall, you shouldn’t try to fix it yourself. The Ultra isn’t considerably more repairable than its standard predecessors, according to a video deconstruction by iFixit. Although the back has external screws, prying apart the back will damage a waterproofing gasket. Additionally, don’t even consider trying to break through the front because, at least without special tools, it is challenging to avoid smashing the screen.


The battery and other parts are hard to get to as well. The Apple Watch Ultra’s speaker array is far larger than the Series 8’s, as shown by the teardown. Although you probably won’t ever utilise the siren capability those speakers are designed for, it should improve call quality and the performance of other audio-driven applications.


The improvement in do-it-yourself friendliness you observed with the base iPhone 14 isn’t there here. If you fall during a trek, you’ll need to take this to a professional repair shop. The Watch Ultra does, however, mark a step in the direction of more repairable Apple wristwear, according to iFixit. Future smartwatches may or may not make that transition, but it won’t come as a surprise given the growing political pressure on the tech sector to produce more easily maintainable gadgets.

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