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EntertainmentThe combination of Millie Bobby Brown’s bra top and baggy jeans is effortlessly stylish.
Millie Bobby Brown

The combination of Millie Bobby Brown’s bra top and baggy jeans is effortlessly stylish.

Millie Bobby Brown is going back to her roots in terms of style.


While the Stranger Things actress may be known for stealing the show on the red carpet in opulent outfits, her most recent appearance demonstrates how stylish a straightforward ensemble can be.


On September 22, Millie posted a photo to Instagram wearing a white bra and loose, torn jeans that she had amusingly left unbuttoned and unzipped. She kept the rest of her ensemble simple, wearing simply delicate earrings and sunglasses with a black frame. She left her feet naked.


The Enola Holmes actress’ glitz was subtle as well. The sloppy bun and textured fringe bangs Millie wore with her hair accentuated her bare lip and radiant complexion.


She posted a picture of herself in the countryside soaking up the sun with the comment, “blue denim white t 3.”


It was all quite evocative of a Calvin Klein advertisement, what with the beautiful scenery and Millie’s outfit.


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Her charming fashion moment, nevertheless, comes a month after she revealed that she had been the victim of online bullying for simply being herself.


In an interview with Allure that was released on August 10, the founder of Florence by Mills stated, “It’s incredibly hard to be hated on when you don’t know who you are yet.” Therefore, “What do people detest about me? Because I don’t know who I am,” comes to mind.


The 18-year-old went on to say, “It almost seems like saying, “Okay, I’ll try being this today.” They follow it by saying, “Oh no, I loathe that.” ‘Okay. Ignore that. Today, I’m going to attempt to be this. Oh my God! When you do that, I detest it. Then you just begin to withdraw because you wonder, “Who am I supposed to be? Who is it I’m supposed to be for them?”


She did mention a support system, though, as being helpful to her throughout this exploratory time.


It was helpful for her to realise that she didn’t have to be anything in particular, she said. “All I have to do is grow within. I took that action. I’m acting in this manner.”

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