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The ‘downgrade’ to the Galaxy A54 camera may have been confirmed.

We’ve heard speculations that work on the Galaxy A54 has been ongoing for some time, even though there are still about six months until the Galaxy A53 celebrates one year on the market. Additionally, the Galaxy A54 is rumoured to have a main camera with fewer megapixels than its predecessor. Today, a fresh report has been posted online in support of that particular claim.


The Galaxy A54 does indeed sport a 50MP main camera, according to our friends at GalaxyClub, who have a great track record of accurately predicting such information about new Galaxy devices. This suggests a downgrade (at least in terms of pure megapixel count) is in the works. Both the Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A53 have 64MP main back cameras, in case you need a reminder.


Changes to the Galaxy A54 camera configuration may be significant.
Unfortunately, no additional details regarding the Galaxy A54’s primary camera have been made public. We can still predict that it won’t be the same flagship 50MP camera that debuted on the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ earlier this year, but rather one that is more in line with the mid-range 50MP camera sensor Samsung has been utilising for its most recent mid-range smartphones.


We will be happy to be proven wrong, of course. Given that Samsung’s Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A53 already have several flagship-level features like water resistance, high refresh rate screens, and stereo speakers, it isn’t altogether improbable that the Galaxy A54 would have a flagship-level camera as one of the enhancements to attract users.


A depth camera may not be included in the Galaxy A54 or other mid-range Galaxy smartphones, in addition to the change to a lower quality main camera. However, there are currently few information available, and once more, the Galaxy A54 isn’t scheduled to be released for another six months. At this moment, nothing can be said with certainty, but the phone will definitely come pre-installed with One UI 5 and Android 13.

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