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The elder son of Anne Heche accuses James Tupper, the ex-husband of his late mother, of attempting to manipulate his half-brother.

The estate of Anne Heche was informed that a legal action over the fatal vehicle accident has been filed, and there have also been problems with his half-father, brother’s according to the eldest son of Anne Heche, who stated the weeks after his mother’s passing have been chaotic.


Heche’s 20-year-old son Homer Laffoon has returned to court, according to court documents acquired by RadarOnline.com, in an effort to be appointed administrator of the actress’ estate.


Laffoon filed legal papers in Los Angeles Superior Court earlier this month, as RadarOnline.com previously reported.


Laffoon was born to the actress and her ex-Coley. Atlas, her youngest son, is a 13-year-old son of her ex-husband James Tupper.


Laffoon said that his mother passed away intestate. He wanted to be recognised as the only heir along with his brother.


The filing stated, “The Estate consists of two (2) intestate heirs, Homer Heche Laffoon and Atlas Heche Tupper. Homer Heche Laffoon, the prospective Administrator, is an adult. A minor, Atlas Heche Tupper.


According to Laffoon’s latest application, which was first obtained by The Blast, his mother’s tragic collision into a home resulted in “pending claims against her that demand quick care.”


“Correspondence from the law firm representing the subrogation claimant informing the representative of (Heche) that a destructive scene and evidence examination of the subject property would take place on September 16, 2022, and that this was the Estate’s opportunity to inspect the scene and remaining evidence, including any liability insurance carriers for her and expert investigators,” the man claimed that his attorney had received from the subrogation claimant’s lawyer.


The attorney for Laffoon and the other party have spoken.


Laffoon also mentioned in the filing that they intended to publish his mother’s book, which she had written before her passing.


“I have been made aware that [Heche] engaged into a publication agreement prior to passing regarding a book she wrote,” his counsel stated in a letter to the court.


As the book is published, they continued, “it is anticipated that the estate will need to monitor and manage the estate’s interests, including prior to the appointment of an administrator with general powers.”


Then, Laffoon’s lawyer made a shocking revelation. He claimed that due to his father controlling his phone, Laffoon has been unable to reach his 13-year-old brother Atlas.


“[Laffoon] has told me that James is putting pressure on and trying to control [Homer] through Atlas’ phone. James has previously left similar-sounding voicemails. Homer wants to have a free exchange of ideas with Atlas, but James’ communication approach is ineffective.


The judge has not yet approved Laffoon’s appointment as administrator.


Heche passed away on August 11, 2022, as RadarOnline.com previously revealed, a few days after being taken to the hospital in a catastrophic vehicle accident.


Heche initially rammed her car into an apartment complex. Heche sped off and crashed into a house despite attempts from onlookers to get her out of the vehicle.


Heche spent 40 minutes trapped inside the vehicle as a fire broke out. The actress died from “smoke inhalation and heat injuries,” according to the cause of death report.


Authorities think Heche was drunk at the time of the collision. Blood samples taken by the LAPD revealed the actress had cocaine in her system.


Following Heche’s passing, Laffoon commented, “I am left with a deep, wordless sadness after six days of incredible emotional swings.” “I’m hoping my mom is no longer in pain and starting to experience what I like to think of as her eternal freedom.

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