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The fiancée of Coolio comments on funeral arrangements: “He did not want a funeral.”

According to Coolio’s longterm lover, the late rapper only wanted to be cremated.


Mimi Ivey, who first met Coolio in 2004 but only started seeing him in 2011, talked up to DailyMail about the rapper’s plans for his final days and the rumours of his adultery.


When the exotic dancer, chef, and businesswoman learned that her 59-year-old longtime lover had been discovered dead on the bathroom floor of a friend’s house in Los Angeles on September 28, she reportedly “fell to her knees” and “collapsed,” according to the UK publication.


I just remember all the life and air leaving my body, she recalled. I was getting ready to drive my son to football practise while I was outdoors.


Ivey stated, “I’m obeying his intentions” regarding the directives he left for his family before passing away. He preferred cremation. He preferred not to have a memorial service or a funeral. He was against all of that.


A source told DailyMail that the scheduled cremation ritual will not include even his longtime buddies. They assumed that Coolio wanted a modest gathering to prevent encounters with his numerous baby mothers.


Ten children, including four that he had with his first wife, Josefa Salinas, were born to Coolio.


Ivey clarified their agreement in response to claims that he had lately started seeing someone else before passing away.


He was the person he was. If he was seeing other women, I knew about it,” she said.


“That man never did anything to conceal it from me. We discussed everything. I’ve known him all my life. Ivey said, “We had no secrets.


Before his passing, the “Gangster’s Paradise” rapper taped fresh dialogue for the upcoming season of “Futurama,” which viewers will watch in 2023.

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