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EntertainmentThe final trailer for House Of The Dragon is dragon-heavy and lives up to its name.
House Of The Dragon

The final trailer for House Of The Dragon is dragon-heavy and lives up to its name.

House, done. Dragons, sure. Game of Thrones theme in a funky style? Check.


Game Of Thrones is back, baby, and it’s not being met with the same old criticisms as the first season. HBO promises the large, scaly, firey kids that we’ve been longing for rather than making us wait 10 episodes to see three little dragon eggs hatch. The ceiling is on fire in the newest House of the Dragon prequel series teaser, and we don’t need any water since that’s what we want to happen.


Dragons do appear frequently in the series. Ryan Condal, the show’s creator, claims that there are 17 fire-breathing lizards in this house that a weirdo with blond hair believes are related to them. The dragons also have unique appearances and personalities, as if the Targaryens of the world needed any more good things from them.


Condal informed the crowd in Hall H of Comic-Con that there were 17 of them at the peak of this. Therefore, it’s crucial to distinguish between them based on more than just how they seemed or behaved in the aftermath or how they interacted with the riders.


“I believe that was one of the first topics on which we began consulting. This took place approximately a year before we began shooting. We went through a fairly iterative process while working with a few conceptual designers. Of course, George [R.R. Martin], whose works are incredibly detailed, gave us the gift of being able to specify colour, size, and age. As a result, we attempted to extrapolate from everything that was given to us in the novel and give it characters, such as Caraxes. He is extremely, very sardonic and he never sits still, much like his author.


This Sunday, HBO Max will offer House Of The Dragon for streaming, replete with a real, functioning fireplace (if Discovery hasn’t already cancelled it).

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