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The Google Play Console has recently revealed two interesting Pixel 7 features.

Future Pixel 7 owners should find these features to be helpful.


The Google Play Console states that the Google Pixel 7 will enable face unlock.
Since the Pixel 4 series, this would be the first Pixel phone to have Face Unlock.
The phones also feature eSIM MEP, which enables the use of two eSIM profiles at once.
The Google Pixel 7 series is set to debut in one week, which means leaks are picking up speed. We anticipate knowing everything there is to know about the phones by the time of the actual launch.


As an illustration, we discovered today that the Pixel 7 will have two pretty fascinating features (through Mishaal Rahman’s Reddit account). This information was obtained via the Google Play Console, making it likely the most reliable leak you can find outside of Google’s own confirmation.


The Google Pixel 7 will initially enable Face Unlock. You will be able to unlock your phone safely with this secure version of Face Unlock. Since the Pixel 4 series, we haven’t seen this functionality on a Pixel till now. In actuality, Face Unlock has only been available on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL so far.


But the question is how far this feature might go. Can you utilise it for NFC payment authentication or security checks within apps? We know it will let you unlock the phone. That’s still not quite obvious. Since we already know that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will only have one front-facing selfie camera, we would expect that this is not the case. Because a reliable and secure 3D depiction of someone’s face often requires two sensors, the Pixel 4 and 4 XL focused entirely on Face Unlock. We must watch to see how this plays out.


The Play Console reveals that the Pixel 7 will support eSIM MEP in addition to Face Unlock. This method enables the simultaneous use of two separate eSIMs. In other words, you could simultaneously have an eSIM connected to T-Mobile and an eSIM connected to Verizon on the same phone.


On October 6, Google will formally introduce the Pixel 7 series. Remain tuned!



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