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Apple Watch Ultra

The larger battery and screen of the Apple Watch Ultra make it worth the price.

Even if you aren’t an extreme sports enthusiast, the Apple Watch Ultra is a great improvement. Additionally, Amazon launches its newest devices, Apple appoints new vice presidents, and the tech giant fires its head of procurement for vulgar remarks he made in a popular TikTok video.


A week with the iPhone 14 Pro Max and its undynamic island was featured in Power On the previous week.

The Beginning


A device for serious sports, adventurers, scuba divers, strenuous hikers, and marathon runners, the new Apple Watch Ultra is advertised as such. I am none of those things right now. But I adore the most recent iteration of the company’s smartwatch, and it’s my favourite new item from Apple Inc. in a long time.


The enhanced GPS, new compass functionality, and water-depth sensor for divers are just a few of the features that the Apple Watch Ultra boasts that are clearly aimed towards the extreme sports community. However, it also includes other features that anybody can appreciate. Included in that are the much improved battery, significantly improved screen, Action Button, new microphone and speakers, and a more durable build. Even if they don’t work up a sweat often, that makes it a good upgrade for anyone searching for the finest Apple watch.


The battery life has changed the game for me. I’ve discovered that I can use the gadget without needing to recharge it for two days. Suddenly, it’s much simpler to benefit from sleep tracking. Since the Series 5 released in 2019, I have worn an Apple Watch almost every day, yet I have rarely used this feature.


I feel confident using sleep tracking every night without worrying about needing to rapidly charge it before going to bed or before leaving for the day thanks to the significantly improved battery life—rated at 36 hours instead of 18—which is much better than previously. Since it went on sale about a week ago, I have been sleeping with the watch on every night.


The new display is a significant upgrade. Because of the brightness rather than the size—the watch gives just around 7% additional screen space, and the bezels seem thicker than on my Series 7 from last year. I used to frequently find myself trying to increase the brightness on previous Apple Watches only to discover that I had already reached the maximum setting. With the Ultra, that is not a problem.


Another excellent feature is the Action Button. I have mine configured to open the Program app rather than a particular workout as I alternate between treadmill and indoor and outdoor walks. I occasionally also use an elliptical. I therefore didn’t want to commit to a particular exercise routine.


Users can assign the Action Button to the stopwatch, a compass waypoint, the compass backtrack feature, the Dive app, the flashlight, or an action from the Shortcuts app in addition to linking it to workouts.

Jennifer Carrasco

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