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The latest BMW M2 leaks: Does It Look Good or Mean?

The new BMW M2 has arrived ahead of its October unveiling and will be the final M vehicle without an electric motor.


Is this new BMW M2 a better-looking vehicle for the brand? Recently, we haven’t heard a lot of acclaim for BMW’s designers, especially not for the XM and iX SUVs. We may be incorrect, so feel free to correct us in the comments, but we believe that this M2 functions significantly better than the typical 2 Series coupe.


Before it was unveiled, the G87 BMW M2 was revealed in a now-deleted forum post. This vehicle, which is said to be a late prototype, has headlights that are different from those on a typical 2 Series, as well as wide nostrils and a bumper that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Need for Speed video game. We are here to help. There is no disputing the aggressive stance, though we aren’t entirely sure about the back end and there are definitely some odd elements here and there.


The choice of colour is very intriguing. Although it appears to be a brand-new colour rather than utilising some leftover Yas Marina Blue from the G80 M3, Hyundai Performance Blue is obviously visible. Albert Biermann, the division’s former leader who joined the Korean automaker in 2014, is missed by BMW’s M division, right?


The leaked image also comes with some bad news for ICE purists, so it’s not all good news. Frank van Meel, CEO of BMW’s M division, recently reaffirmed that the next BMW M2 would be the final M vehicle to have an all-internal combustion engine.


“We’ll see more electrification in other vehicles, naturally in a variety of forms, from plug-in hybrids and 48-volt systems to entirely electric drives. When seen in this light, van Meel stated to Germany’s Bimmer Today, “The M2 will be the last M with a pure combustion engine drive and also without electrification scope such as a 48-volt on-board network.


A modified version of the “S58” engine seen in the X3 M, X4 M, M3 and M4 models is anticipated to power the future M2. The current M3 Competition’s powertrain delivers a strong 503 horsepower, while the previous BMW M2 Competition’s twin-turbocharged inline-six “S55” engine produces 404 horsepower. Don’t be surprised if the forthcoming M2 has power in the neighbourhood of the special-edition M2 CS’s 444bhp, which was achieved with the aid of certain performance enhancements.

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