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Google Play Store

The new logo for the Google Play Store is now live.

The last time Google changed the Play icon was in 2016, when Play Movies & TV, Play Music and Play Newsstand were all still going strong. The Google Play Store is getting a new logo after more than six years.


Update 7/26: Yesterday, Google made an official announcement about its 10th anniversary. The new logo is now live on the developer site and play.google.com (but not on its favicon). It’s meant to better show the “magic of Google” and match the branding of many of our helpful products, like Search, Assistant, Photos, Gmail, and more. green (#34A853), blue (#4285F4), red (#EA4335), and yellow (#FBBC04).


Most users will see it when they update an Android app and the icon on the home screen changes.

Update: The US Patent and Trademark Office has more proof that Google Play is getting a new logo. We can see the more rounded triangle with new colors and a much higher resolution, but it’s still a little hard to make out. The official word from the company is:


The mark is a triangle with rounded corners that is split into four different colored sections. The blue section is on the left, the green section is on top, the yellow section is on the right, and the red section is at the bottom.


Before the icon was redesigned in 2016, when everything was also put into triangles, it had more shadows.

The new Google Play logo is still a triangle, but if you compare it to the old one, you can see that the corners are much more rounded. In the meantime, the four colours used are more like the four colors used by Google. This is the clear trend and goal of recent changes. Still, we can’t help but notice how dark and muted the icon is compared to other first-party services.


The blue and green colors are definitely not as bright, and the internal divider has been changed so that the parts are about the same size. Right now, the blue triangle is bigger than the other three parts.


Today, you can only get a low-resolution version of this icon. When you buy something from the Play Store, like adding money to your account, you can find it as the merchant icon in GPay, Google Pay, and soon Wallet. There’s no clear sign of when it was last changed.


It’s not live anywhere in the Play Store app or on the newly redesigned play.google.com. That would have been the best time to show it to the public.


Right now, it’s not clear when Google will start using the new logo for the Play Store. Google Play just got rid of the Movies & TV tab, and it makes sense that Play Books will go away so that the Play Store can focus only on Android apps. The future of “Play” in “Play Games” is a little bit more certain, though, thanks to the big push for Android games on Windows. But it’s not as clear what will happen with the Android app.

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