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The price of the Wi-Fi model of the Pixel Watch is listed below.

A recent leak on the cost of the Pixel Watch has been verified by a source.


According to a leak, the Google Pixel Watch Wi-Fi version could cost between $250 and $350.
Now, a source has confirmed the leak’s assertion that the cost will be $349.
It’s anticipated that the watch will come in Obsidian, Chalk, and Hazel.

We previously reported on a leak that appeared to disclose the cost and colour options for the Google Pixel Watch Wi-Fi edition. It now appears that a source has verified some of these facts.


A retail source has gotten in touch with the outlet to further confirm today’s scoop, according to 9To5Google. Instead of a pricing range, there is a set price this time. According to the leak, the Pixel Watch Wi-Fi model costs between $250 and $350. According to the individual that contacted 9To5Google, the cost will be $349.99.


Regarding the hues, it seems that the leak was rather accurate. According to information from the source, the Wi-Fi version’s band colour options include Obsidian (black), Chalk (silver), and Hazel (gold). The LTE model, however, is anticipated to come in Obsidian, Charcoal (silver), and Hazel. Despite the fact that Chalk and Charcoal are both classified as silver, Chalk is anticipated to seem more off-white than Charcoal, which would be a dark grey tone.


The $350 price tag of the Google Pixel Watch means that it will have a tough time competing with some of its top rivals. Hopefully, features like its extensive Fitbit integration will be sufficient to make up for the cost.

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