The Top 10 ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Talents To Spend Points On

The Top 10 ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Talents To Spend Points On

Hogwarts Legacy


In a previous postI ranked all the Hogwarts Legacy spells from worst to best, as a way to tell you where to invest your talent points or not. But there are more talent point options than just spells, and I figured I would write this list again including both spells and other talents that might be equally useful.

Most of them may still be spell based, as that’s what the majority of perks do, but you may want to consider some you would otherwise ignore.

Here’s my top 10, in descending order:

10. Revelio Mastery (Core, level 16) – I know this one seems dull, but I absolutely would recommend it if you care at all about exploration in this game. Yes, it seems like you can see a lot of stuff with Revelio now, but later once you’ve cleared out more stuff, you will want the expanded range to seek out new secrets and items you may not have otherwise found.

9. Swift (Core, level 5) – This turns your dodge into effectively a teleportation move, pretty much tripling you combat mobility. It is genuinely hard to live without this spell.

8. Protego Expertise (Core, level 16) – I would eventually buy all the Protego spells, because you are using it more than literally anything else in combat, but this one, which reflects two projectiles back at enemies on perfect block, is more useful than most.

7. Bombarda Mastery (Spells, level 16) – This just turns this move into a full-on AOE nuke, which is one of the best damage options in the game. Diffindo is higher damage but the talent upgrade isn’t as useful.

Hogwarts Legacy


6. Noxious (Room of Requirement, level 22) – I don’t think I can overstate just how overpowered plants are in Hogwarts Legacy, and this one turns your Venomous Tentacula into a huge-damaging, shield-breaking behemoth.

5. Ancient Magic Throw Expertise (Core, level 5) – This allows you to throw disarmed weapons back at enemies. This works on goblins and armored knights especially well, along with troll boulders, all of which do huge damage when thrown back. It’s also one of the coolest looking moves in the game.

4. Spell Knowledge 1-3 (Core, level 5-16) – I am cheating here by combining these, but without question you are going to need to expand your spell inventory slots as much as humanly possible. You will end up with 16 spells you can use in combat, and that’s without even room for utility spells, building spells or pet-caring tools.

Hogwarts Legacy


3. Transformation Mastery (Spells, level 22) – This is the last core spell you unlock, but the talent point upgrade here turns enemies into an exploding barrel which not only instant kills the transformed enemy, but blasts whoever you throw it at. Incredible move.

2. Fertilizer (Room of Requirement, level 5) – This perk gets you two chomping cabbages for every one you spawn, effectively doubling their damage output which is already among the best in the game. Seriously, I know it’s goofy to fight with cabbages but these things are massively strong, and you can grow an infinite amount of them in the Room of Requirement very easily.

1. Avada Kedavra Mastery (Dark Arts, level 22) – Killing an enemy kill the killing curse also kills all curse enemies, got that? Combined with the other curse spells you unlock in this tree (and if you’re going dark magic, you should get them all), it’s a room clearing move much of the time.

You will have like 30-40 points to spend by the end of the game, so there are certainly plenty more to pick, but those are my favorites. Enjoy.

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