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Canon mirrorless camera

There is yet another new Canon mirrorless camera.

Although Canon has produced a number of cameras and lenses in 2022, the year is still young. It seems Canon will release one more camera before the year is up.

Canon According to rumours, Canon will also introduce the EOS R100 camera this year. The EOS R100 will probably appear like EOS M cameras, with specs to match, adhering to Canon’s naming pattern of higher numbers denoting lower-level bodies. The 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor and DIGIC X processor, 4K 30p video, 12-frame-per-second mechanical shutter bursts, Dual Pixel AF II, and a 1.04-million-dot Vari-Angle touchscreen are among these features.


The absence of a viewfinder on the EOS R100 is arguably its most intriguing feature. Another inexpensive camera would undoubtedly be a popular entrance point into the RF mount or a backup body for those already in it. Canon has been progressively working on filling out the budget end of the EOS R series. I would wager that Canon is targeting this camera at vloggers and other similar users with its Vari-Angle touchscreen, Dual Pixel AF II, and lack of a viewfinder. However, given its small size, it might make a good portable option for activities like hiking and travel, especially if more compact RF-S lenses enter the market.

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