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PlayStation Stars

There may be a secret, invite-only “Diamond” rank in PlayStation Stars.

It appears that the PlayStation app had a reference to the fifth tier.


According to reports, the PlayStation mobile app contains a fifth hidden tier of PlayStation Stars membership.


According to language purportedly obtained within the App, the tier—which the datamining indicates is dubbed Diamond—is invite-only.


Along with a description of the tier, several photos pertaining to Diamond tier goodies have also been located. These images are hosted on the PlayStation website.


“It appears that there is nowhere to hide in a never-ending sea of stars. But if you had let obstacles like that stop you, you wouldn’t be here. You are now in Level 5.


Although it is unknown whether any of these photographs will be used, they are undoubtedly authentic given that they are both located on PlayStation’s official website.


Players may earn rewards by completing a number of campaigns and activities in PlayStation Stars, which will be available in the west later in October.


All players begin at Level 1 in the program’s four-tier level structure, which they can advance through through purchasing games and obtaining trophies.


Although a fifth tier has not been disclosed, the graphics and description provide evidence that Sony may provide it in the future, perhaps when the service is made available globally.


Unfavorably, gamers in areas where the service has been debuted have reacted to the service’s apparent prioritisation of high-tier customers for help.


This appears to suggest that Level 4 PlayStation Stars members can contact customer assistance without waiting in line when they have a problem.


Many Twitter users voiced their displeasure at the incentive when Japanese website Automaton pointed it out, with some arguing that good customer service ought to be a given and not an extra.


Twitter user akutarosu asserted that “customer support must be equal.” There are gamers who can’t afford time or money, as well as others who merely enjoy a select few games.



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