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TJ Miller-Ryan Reynold

TJ Miller, star of “Deadpool,” believes that Ryan Reynolds’ marriage to Blake Lively is “curated” and that he won’t work with him again.

T.J. Miller gave a candid assessment on his “Deadpool” co-star Ryan Reynolds and stated that he had no desire to collaborate with the actor ever more.


The 41-year-old actor said, “I love him as a comedian, but I think after he got super, super famous from the first Deadpool, then he — yeah, things sorta changed,” in an interview on “The Adam Carolla Show.”


Miller continued by claiming that he and Reynolds got into an argument on set when Reynolds went too far with his riffing and seemed to be insulting Miller. Miller recalled, “We had a pretty strange moment — incredibly strange moment on Deadpool, where he said, “Let’s do one more take.”


Miller plays his sidekick Weasel, while Reynolds plays the title character. “After that, he treated me horribly while playing the part. though to me. I act as if I’m Weasel “Miller remarked. “You know what I really admire about you, Weasel? Not you, the star. but you only provide enough exposition to make it amusing before we can go on and return to the main film.”




Not just for him, but for the entire team, he claimed that the situation on site was quite uncomfortable. Everyone was asking, “Why is Ryan doing this?,” he said to the media figure.


When asked if working with Reynolds again was a possibility in the future, Miller responded, “No, I would not work with him again,” only to retract his statement and indicate that he might change his mind as he has in the past with other collaborators.


The Canadian actor was described as “very sweet” by the “Silicon Valley” actor, who added, “I think he’s really an insecure man.”


After an Instagram account shared a disturbing photo of her and Ryan Reynolds’ daughters, Blake Lively criticised the account.


Miller had something to say on Ryan Reynolds’ relationship with wife Blake Lively, despite the fact that he just once met the equally famous other half of his co-stars.


His assessment of the couple, who have been married for 10 years and are expecting their fourth child together, was that “their public image is really carefully maintained.”




‘I don’t wish them any ill-will,” he continued, “I just think he doesn’t like me and I thought it was weird how he expressed that.” Miller even said, “I think it’s weird that he hates me,” earlier in the conversation.


Reynolds and Lively’s representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.


Miller has been involved in his fair share of problems in the past, but he has no intentions to return for a third “Deadpool” film. He vehemently refuted the allegations of sexual assault made against the actor.


He was also detained in 2018 for making a false bomb threat while on an Amtrak train, but federal charges were dismissed as a result of prior brain surgery, according to Deadline.

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