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Try Guys sobs as they disclose weeks earlier they were aware of Ned Fulmer’s infidelity.

The “Try Guys” discovered Ned Fulmer was having an extramarital affair on September 5 – four weeks before they revealed he had been dismissed.


After revealing they would no longer be working with Ned, who they officially fired on September 16, the surviving members, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger, and Zach Kornfeld spoke to their fans for the first time on Monday.


Kornfeld stated in a YouTube video titled “what happened” that Ned Fulmer was no longer employed by the “Try Guys,” with Yang and Habersberger seated next to him.


We’re assuming that by this point you’ve seen the Reddit threads, TikToks, tweets, and news pieces. We want to be transparent with you about our decision-making process and provide you a timeline of what has happened.


“On Labor Day weekend, numerous fans told us that they had witnessed Ned and an employee indulging in public romantic activity,” concluded Habersberger, who appeared dejected.


Before Ned, 35, “checked the reports and since confirmed this had been going on for some time, which was obviously, quite distressing for us,” the employee was contacted to “check on” her, the man continued.


He continued, “We simply want you to know that we had no idea this was happening. “All of that information shocked us just as much as you have this week,” we said.


Yang, 36, adding that in order to “make sure” they were taking the right steps, they spent three weeks consulting with numerous lawyers, HR professionals, and public relations specialists.


He took a minute to gather himself, “We were acutely aware of just how contradictory this was to the ideals of the firm we’ve developed and those of everyone who works here.” “We take this extremely seriously and will not sweep it under the rug; that is no longer who we are and not what we stand for.”


The termination of Ned as manager and employee was approved by their “signed written consent,” according to Kornfeld, 32, and will account for his disappearance from the most recent “Try Guys” films and social media posts.


His removal from their store for merchandise and digital erasure from previous films and marketing materials was done by the team. Even though it “cost” them a lot of money, Kornfeld claimed that they stand by their choice “proudly” despite the fact that they had to completely trash some videos in which Ned was prominently featured.


Habersberger, 35, admitted that for legal reasons they were unable to make public the results of their inquiry but claimed that they had discovered “Ned engaged in conduct unbecoming of our team and we realised we could not continue forward with him.”


He added that the delay in going public was due to “actual individuals having been affected,” but that they were ultimately compelled to when images and videos of Ned and Alexandria Herring appeared on the internet.


Yang said, fighting back tears, “We are really startled and deeply upset by all of this. “With this person, we established a business and a brand for eight years. Not just myself, but also on behalf of our team and supporters who had faith in us, we are saddened.


“I don’t know that we can describe the anguish we feel right now,” Kornfeld said through tears. We are losing a friend, someone with whom we founded a company and shared innumerable happy memories, thus it is difficult to view old videos that we love and are proud of again. We regret that this ever occurred, but we are at a loss for words.


This will change, but we hope that there will be room for improvement and better videos in the future, even though it will be challenging. This whole process is going to be f-king difficult.


Yang meanwhile urged with their followers to “practise kindness,” making reference to the fact that Herring has been the target of intense fan criticism, and added that more details regarding the firm adjustments will soon be made public.


The internet last week revealed that Ned had been cheating on his wife of ten years with Herring, a producer of the show, leaving the Try Guys in a bind.


On September 27, when they made the announcement that he had been sacked, Ned issued a statement of his own outlining the circumstances.


After being seen kissing Herring in a New York City bar, he wrote, “Family should have always been my priority, but I lost focus and had a consensual professional romance.”


He continued, “I’m sorry for whatever hurt my actions may have caused to the boys and the fans, but especially to Ariel. “My wife and my children are the only things that count right now, so I’m going to concentrate my efforts there.”

In the midst of the incident, Ariel, 36—with whom Ned shares kids Wesley, 4, and Finley, 1—also made a statement.


Thank you so much to everyone who has gotten in touch with me; it means a lot. Family is everything to me and Ned, and all we ask right now is that you respect our privacy for the benefit of our children, she stated on Instagram.


Despite the affair, it appears like Ariel and Ned are still together as they were both spotted wearing their wedding bands on September 28 while out together.


Herring, who was seeing her longtime boyfriend Will Thayer, couldn’t say the same because they were engaged. He removed all of their photos from his social media accounts, and their relationship appears to be over.


She has not yet publicly addressed the relationship.

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