Apple Watch 8

Two new variants of Apple Watch 8 are expected to be released on September 7.

A significant launch event for the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 is taking place.

It appears that the Apple Watch 8 will attend the expected September 7 launch event for the iPhone 14.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg(opens in new tab) reports that Apple will present its newest iPhone and Apple Watch models at a virtual launch event on September 7. A normal Apple Watch 8, an Apple Watch 8 Pro, and an Apple Watch SE 2 are anticipated to be part of Apple’s Series 8 smartwatch portfolio.

Gurman’s reporting suggests that we would not have to wait long to purchase the newest Apple Watch models in stores following the September Apple event. He claimed that some retail workers at Apple Stores have been instructed to get ready for a significant new product introduction on September 16. Even while the majority of indications point to the Apple Watch Series 8 being a part of the company’s future product release, it is unclear at this moment if this particularly relates to the Apple Watch.

According to Gurman’s source, Apple will upgrade its Series 8 watches with a new body-temperature sensor and features for women’s health. Aside than that, the Apple Watch 8 should resemble the Apple Watch 7 rather similarly.

However, it appears as though the Apple Watch 8 Pro and Apple Watch SE will receive some further updates. A larger display, a titanium frame designed for sportier users, improved fitness tracking, and a longer battery life are all anticipated features of the Apple Watch 8 Pro. It is anticipated that the second-generation Apple Watch SE would have a speedier chip while maintaining its position as the most affordable of the three new smartwatches.

This does not conflict with the recent Apple Watch 8 rumors that we have been hearing, but we are expecting that there will be other improvements. At least it seems likely that the Apple Watch 8 Pro will debut, and that it’ll arrive with some significant upgrades for those that want a step up from the Apple Watch 7.

Competition for the Apple Watch 8

The most recent Samsung wristwatch is currently the Apple Watch 8’s main rival. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are two new watches from Samsung that were recently launched earlier this month. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5’s skin temperature sensor and longer battery life are two features that these watches share with the expected Apple Watch 8 updates.

The market for smartwatches still has the Google Pixel Watch as its wild card. Although there has not yet been a formal announcement from Google, it is presently anticipated to release in October alongside the Google Pixel 7. Though it might have a very small battery, it is anticipated that it won’t change significantly from the Apple Watch.

Even so, the smartwatches from Samsung and Google are both made to be the best ones for Android. They don’t pose a significant threat to the Apple Watch 8, specifically. They are really just an extra selling factor to join a larger mobile OS ecosystem, like any smartwatches.

The Apple Watch SE 2, which offers a ton of capabilities at a reasonable price, might pose the biggest threat to Apple’s flagship. People may opt for the less expensive wearable if the Apple Watch 8 is not a sufficient advance. The good news is that the Apple Watch lineup for this year may not be revealed for much longer.