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Updates to Google Maps include faster access to Live View and Immersive View.

To maintain Google Maps at the top, the company keeps adding new features. A number of new improvements that will improve your Google Maps experience have just been unveiled by Google. One of Google Maps’ biggest augmented reality features, Live View, now has a search function. You could quickly view local points of interest with this function, together with information such as the location’s business hours and current crowd levels.


Additionally, Google Maps’ Live View option is becoming faster to access. At the top of the search bar, a Live View button has been added between the microphone and profile switcher icons. By pressing this button, the Live View mode would start right away, illuminating all the nearby points of interest in the distance and displaying the street names at the bottom. The bottom section, labelled “Find Places Near You,” lists places that are explicitly “within a 5-minute walk.”


Millions of contributors contribute pictures and videos to Neighborhood Vibe every day.

Google is bringing more than 250 aerial images of famous places from across the world to its Immersive View feature. In the upcoming months, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, and Tokyo will all introduce the immersive view function. A slider at the bottom will display information in 3D utilising a variety of images, including weather, traffic, and bustle.


Last but not least, the neighbourhood feel feature is coming to Google Maps. This will highlight the prominent attractions in your area and provide pictures and videos of the places to help you decide whether or not to visit. In the upcoming months, the Neighborhood Vibe feature will begin to emerge on your Samsung smartphones and tablets.



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