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2K Hack

Users Affected by the 2K Hack Are Warned to Change All Stored Passwords

Never click links or emails from 2K support.


After admitting that it had been hacked, publisher 2K advised users not to read emails or click on links from its support page.


2K Support has been compromised, and the hacker is sending emails that appear to be official but actually include harmful links. This is more than just a spoof account sending false emails. As a result, the help page for 2K is no longer accessible.


If users have already clicked on these links, 2K advises that they change any browser-saved passwords (such as Chrome’s auto-fill feature), download antivirus software, enable multi-factor authentication where it’s practical, and double-check that their email account forwarding settings haven’t been altered.




The information was posted on Twitter by 2K Support, which has maintained its security (above). The statement read, “Earlier today we learned that an unauthorised third party had unlawfully obtained the login credentials of one of our vendors to the help desk platform that 2K utilises to service our customers.


“Certain players received a correspondence from the unauthorised person that contained a malicious link. Please don’t click on any links or read any emails you get from the 2K Games support account.”


Users were also kindly reminded by the publisher that they would never be asked for their password or other private information, and that they will be informed as soon as it is safe to use the website and emails once more.


We sincerely apologise for any trouble and interruption this issue may have caused, the statement continued. “We value the patience and support that our player communities have shown us over the years.”


Cyber attacks have been increasingly prevalent over the past few days. Approximately 90 videos of Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay were leaked after Rockstar Games was hacked; however, despite the fact that Take-Two Interactive is the parent company of both Rockstar Games and 2K, there is currently no evidence linking the two assaults.


The same hacker who allegedly targeted Rockstar also targeted Uber, and the business is now cooperating with the FBI and US Department of Justice to look into the matter. Blizzard also experienced a breach in the gaming industry when more than 40 minutes of Diablo 4 gameplay leaked online.

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