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Want assistance calculating (and paying!) your golf wagers? This new app will be useful.

Most golfers are aware of the situation where a nice game turns into a math challenge.


The last putts have been made. It’s time to calculate the damage. Skins. Scores. Presses. Props. a complete list of what each party owes to whom.


You’re trying to collect payments on top of crunching figures, which is busywork usually left to a banker or bookkeeper.


Thomas Reinholm and Matt Rum had had enough.


They reached their breaking point in 2019 following a four-ball game with friends in Northern California.


Rum describes the round as “one of those extremely engaging rounds” when the match was back and forth with various presses and side action until settling on the final hole. There must be a better way to handle everything because we had just finished competing, and now we have to deal with all the bookkeeping and bet settling.


But they came to the conclusion that there wasn’t after searching the market. Despite the abundance of scorekeeping apps in the Apple Store that could keep you informed of your position throughout a game, none of the devices also supported payments. Rum and Reinholm had both spent the previous five years working for Block, the payments platform business formerly known as Square, thus they were well-versed in this industry.


Our initial thought wasn’t to make this into a business, according to Reinholm. But after realising that nobody had actually resolved the issue, we decided to attempt our own resolution.


Rum left his job in the fall. A few months later, Reinholm followed suit, and the two teamed up on their new project, which is now open to the public.


Launched this week is LoopGolf.


In keeping with Rum and Reinholm’s original intention, the technology combines the computation capability of a scorekeeping app with the payment options of cash apps like Venmo and PayPal. You can play a game with those who have downloaded the app and linked it to a debit card once you’ve done so. For now, the minimum wager is $10 and the highest bet is $1,000. You may issue invitations and set stakes using LoopGolf so that everything is ready when you go to the first tee. You can see where everyone is stroking because the software also asks players to input their official handicap index. All of the debts are immediately paid off at the conclusion of the game.


Rum explains that the LoopGolf motto is “Everyone pays.”


Match-play is the only format accessible on LoopGolf at this early stage. However, Rum and Reinholm intend to include more games and features, like Skins, 9-point, Animal, and others.


Rum declares, “We’re truly going to take our cues from our users.”


Building a strong LoopGolf community that allows people across the nation to join for matches and other golf-related activities and entertainment is the long-term objective and the bigger difficulty. Third-party wagering is one of the features Rum and Reinholm plan to include, enabling a user stuck at work to wager on pals out on the course (the legalities of this would need to be sorted).


In the end, the partners want LoopGolf to function as a digital golf wallet for purchases ranging from coveted tee times and clothing drops to competitions and other special events. Another long-term goal is to establish connections with sports bookies so that LoopGolf can serve as a platform for wagering on professional competitions.


Rum says, “There are so many options.” But we’re also extremely conscious of not producing a lot of noise and clutter, so we kept the design straightforward, uncomplicated, and user-friendly.


The LoopGolf app is available for download here.


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