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TechWhat is TamaDoge’s New Super Doge Arcade Game & Why Will It Pump TAMA’s Price?
What is TamaDoge’s New Super Doge Arcade Game & Why Will It Pump TAMA’s Price?

What is TamaDoge’s New Super Doge Arcade Game & Why Will It Pump TAMA’s Price?

The very-first Tamadoge‘s Play-to-Earn (P2E) game, Super Doge, has been released after successful beta testing. TamaDoge arcade is itself a new world of P2E games. Any user wanting to play games on their platform and earn rewards has to buy a minimum quantity of TAMA tokens.

Gaming has been a big business in recent years and now that it is combined with the power of Blockchain technology, allowing gamers to earn rewards, it will surely revolutionize the gaming industry. Watch out for such games, as they can make you a fortune.

Apart from TamaDoge, there are a few tokens, like Meta Masters Guild, Fight Outand RobotErathat are pumping at a fast pace and can be your magic wand to help you multiply your investment in 2023. So ensure to check them out below.

There are still a lot more games planned by the team but for now, let’s take a deep dive into the Super Doge Arcade game.

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What is the Super Doge Arcade game?

Super Doge is the first of TamaDoge’s games and has already captured the eyes of thousands of gamers. It’s so easy to play and addictive that even non-gamers would play it multiple times.

It is a Desktop-optimized arcade game for gamers, whether they are interested in earning crypto rewards or not. A new user is given a Default Doge Avatar, as there’s no compulsion to buy an NFT to play the game.

There were two more games in the beta testing, namely, To The Moon and Rocket Doge, but Super Doge was the most popular one, becoming the first to launch officially on the platform.

The name Super Doge is similar to the Classic Super Mario, but that’s the only similarity here, as the rewards are far more real in this game.

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Why Will The Super Doge Game Pump TAMA Price?

TAMA is the in-game currency of the TamaDoge platform, and its price is directly affected by the number of players. Since its launch a couple of days ago, it has gained hundreds of users, which will eventually pump TAMA’s price.

The announcement on Twitter about this game’s launch has helped pump the price of the TAMA token to over 25% in no time. And it will continue to do so as more and more people participate in the challenges to earn rewards in TAMA.

There have been tons of positive reviews from the Beta testers which will have a positive impact on the coin’s value. And looking at the new theme and amazing graphics, it is inevitable that TAMA will break its All-Time-High price in 2023. me

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How To Play The Super Doge Game?

The good thing about this game is the user doesn’t need to buy TAMA tokens to be able to play the game. If anyone only wants to try out the game, they can use the Free-to-Play option and enjoy the game to the fullest.

And if they love the game, they can buy a few TAMA tokens and try to beat other players to gain existing rewards. The prize pool has already crossed 20k TAMA tokens, and it’s been just a day since its launch.

New Cryptos To Buy Other Than TAMA in 2023

These are the three coins that I named in the intro. So here’s a brief introduction to all of them.

1. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Other than TAMA, MEGA is one of the biggest Blockchain-based Play-to-Earn gaming platforms that reward users who complete the challenges. They envision creating a blockchain ecosystem to revolutionize the gaming industry forever.

They have a bunch of Mobile gaming apps that will take this industry by storm, and you’ll see MEMAG among the top categories. MEMAG offers everything ranging from in-game rewards to a complete gaming experience and financial freedom, as you can earn as much as you want when you reach higher levels.

These features set it apart from other P2E platforms on the Blockchain, and with time, more people are recognizing it. Thus 2023 can be the year when MEMAG skyrockets, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be on the flight with them.

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2. Fight Out (FGHT)

People have become busy, and they don’t have adequate time to focus on their fitness. This is what Fight Out acknowledged, and it set out to build a Move-to-Earn platform that will motivate individuals to work on their physical fitness in the real world.

They have built a game-like platform where you can create your Avatar, but the twist is that its fitness will keep changing according to your fitness levels. So stay fit if you want your Avatar to look cool in the Metaverse.

Blockchain technology paired with the Fitness industry surely gains the attention of millions of people as now they have the motivation to improve their fitness as they’ll be earning FGHT tokens while progressing. Thus, it makes FGHT a potential token that can skyrocket anytime in 2023.

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3. RobotEra (BREAD)

RobotEra is best for people interested in the Metaverse. It’s an exciting new Virtual world, but it’s different from other projects, as the main Avatars in this new world will be robots. You can create your customized Robot, build a Robo Planet, socialize with other people, and gather resources from the Multiverse.

You can let your creativity free here as users are allowed to build anything they desire on their purchased lands. The platform also offers decentralized gaming options to users to earn prizes. TARO is the official currency of this Metaverse, and its price is expected to grow exponentially in 2023. So be on the lookout for it before it is too late.

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In a Nutshell

The price of TAMA is expected to grow exponentially because of Super Doge. So do try it out because, who knows, you might win a significant amount from the huge prize pool. Apart from it, Meta Masters Guild, Fight Out, and RobotEra is the three significant projects that have been pumping even when the market was in the red run.

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