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Will Smith

Will Smith Makes a Hilarious Social Media Return

To be honest, Will Smith makes social media more entertaining.

Will Smith has returned to Instagram!

Following the highly publicised Academy Awards show incident earlier this year, the Hitch star took a four-month hiatus for “thinking and personal work.” He is now easing his way back into living his full life.

If you followed the actor on social media prior to the Oscars debacle, you’ll remember how quickly he rose to fame on the sharing platform, becoming a content creation sensation by sharing carefully curated photos and videos focused on positive messages, comedy, and, of course, his personal life.


He appears to be back to entertaining his nearly 64 million followers.

After his initial resurfacing post on July 29—a YouTube apology video—he didn’t return with new content until nearly a month later.


On August 20, he posted a video of a young monkey prodding an older gorilla set to suspenseful melodic music. The larger animal sat with his arms crossed before leaping off to chase the small ape for persistently poking him. “Me trying to get back on social,” the video’s text read.


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Smith’s wit was well-received, with fans and fellow celebrities expressing their support in the comments section, pleading for his return.

“”We miss you,” Justin Bieber wrote on Instagram, while another user commented, “Lol. We will gladly welcome you back, man! We’ve been missing you! Everyone goes through adversity. You, like the rest of us, are human! WILL YOU RETURN?”


“One moment can’t erase 30+ years of good will, put your jersey on and get back in the game,” wrote another fan. One fan even wrote the actor a note of encouragement: “Man, get back in there. I recently saw something that I believe will resonate with you: ‘The world needs your presence, not your perfection.’ Marinate on that before picking up again… you have a calling and things to share. Take it one day at a time.”


The next day, a new post appeared, this time a video of Smith and his eldest son, Trey, freaking out after discovering a large spider in their home. The entire incident was captured on video, and luckily for fans, the Bad Boys for Life actor shared it with his followers (or at least, their amusement to his reaction).


“Posting from a Holiday Inn,” he joked, alluding to the fact that they were no longer in the house when he uploaded the snippet of the wildlife encounter.

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“WHAT THE H**L IS GOING ON? That is one large a** spider “He was ecstatic. “That’s a tarantula,” his son retorted as Smith panned the camera to his feet, revealing that he had jumped onto a chair. The 53-year-old chuckled before informing Trey that he was now in charge of the creature’s removal.


“You’re young and strong; you’ll be fine with the bite,” he joked. The two then worked together to gently capture the arachnid, containing it in a glass bowl and lifting it from the floor with paper underneath. “That’s the biggest spider we’ve ever seen in our lives,” Trey exclaimed as the duo finished their task.


As the video came to a close, Will Smith jokingly commented, “We’re selling the house.” The comments erupted with reactions to the real-life situation, so we can only imagine what else exciting things are in store for Smith’s everyday life posts in the future!

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