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Gundam Evolution

With large metal arms, Gundam Evolution welcomes fans of both Gundam and Overwatch.

A free alternative to Overwatch 2


I’m not sure if I should advise others to see Gundam Evolution. I’m not sure if Gundam Evolution is a good game or if I just admire Gundam too much to perceive its problems, to use a classic Futurama Fry cliche.


The fact that other people are also enjoying the game only adds to my uncertainty. those who might not even be interested in Gundam! Some of them even claim that Overwatch 2, another well-known hero shooter that will be released the following week, is inferior to it. Some of that might just be resentment at the fact that Overwatch 2 completely replaces the first Overwatch rather than merely being a sequel.


Let me try to address your concerns with Gundam Evolution if Blizzard’s choice has you looking for a new hero shooter. I know way too much about Gundam instead of knowing very little about Overwatch.


I LOVE IT! Also free!
Even though I can’t say whether Gundam Evolution is “better” than Overwatch 2, I can say that it’s fun. Although they are enormous metal robots, these Gundams fight and perish quickly. You’ll never want for action because you’ll probably be respawning frequently while attempting to take or defend spots or detonate and disarm bombs. Since even the most benevolent mobile suits have enough firepower to make the majority of 1v1 battles a fair measure of ability, there are no fixed character classes in this game. The best part is that you can easily give it a try because it is free and readily accessible on PC and consoles.


Even though Gundam Evolution is free, game has a lot of in-app purchases. Loot boxes, five characters you can purchase to unlock, a season pass, and deluxe editions with premium currency you must use within 120 days of purchase are all available. If you put in enough time, you can grind it out on the free tier and accumulate enough non-premium currency to unlock a Gundam, but your profile will look drab for a very long time. Like Overwatch 2, it at least doesn’t lock new characters behind a battle pass.


Gundam Evolution uses six-player teams, similar to Overwatch, which is switching to five-person teams in Overwatch 2. Gundam Evolution contains stun attacks, unlike Overwatch 2. Unlike the heroes in Overwatch 2, only five of the 17 mobile suits are locked at the beginning of the game. Are there any other resemblances? Quite possibly, but my understanding of Overwatch ends here.


You cannot play as Deathscythe, sorry.
Gundam Evolution is devoid of references to the one and only Gundam series that many American fans have ever seen, as well as the playable XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe. A significant error or a $20 future purchase? Who is to say?


There are now 17 playable mobile suits in Gundam Evolution (all of these robots are considered mobile suits, but technically only some of them are truly Gundams). Included in this are numerous well-known mobile suits from the original series, including as the Zaku, Guntank, and original RX-78-2 Gundam, as well as more recent models like the Unicorn Gundam and the Gundam Barbatos from Iron-Blooded Orphans.


More unexpected are the early Zeta and ZZ Gundam suits, including the mutating Methuss and Asshimar, that make up the roster. Only a Gundam manga and video game feature another playable character. The two suits from the relatively obscure Turn A Gundam, which aired in Japan at the turn of the 2000 but was only released on DVD in America in 2015, are the game’s best feature. This is significant since the Gundam you can play as has a moustache and is enjoyable.


The game explicitly warns players about canonical flaws on the character information displays, so Gundam enthusiasts should be ready from the start. The fact that Gundam Evolution is not concerned with maintaining a strict fidelity to the original content makes the game better overall. Even while the “Gundam Hammer,” a morning star with an odd moniker, is not the RX-78-most 2’s famous weapon, it serves as an appropriate backup capability in this situation. To make other troops more evenly matched warriors, new weapons and skills are granted to them.


To enjoy Gundam Evolution, you don’t need to know anything about Gundam.
The plot of Gundam Evolution is nonexistent. Unlike Overwatch, which has a single setting all the characters are from, Gundam Evolution is more like Super Smash Bros. or MultiVersus, where a bunch of characters from completely different series or timelines are all fighting each other for no good reason. Choosing which character will be your first Gunpla build is the most crucial step.


The PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X all currently provide Gundam Evolution.

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