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FashionWithin hours of her appearance on HSN, Jessica Simpson sold ‘16,000 outfits.’
While selling her current spring collection on HSN, Jessica Simpson had a good day. Instagram

Within hours of her appearance on HSN, Jessica Simpson sold ‘16,000 outfits.’

Jessica Simpson debuted her spring fashion line on HSN on Thursday, telling viewers that she had sold thousands of gowns in only a few hours on-air.

“Holy guacamole!” exclaims the narrator. Even though the day isn’t done, we’ve already sold 16,000 outfits! Between portions, she noted on Instagram, “And there’s still more to come.” “In 20 minutes, I’ll be back live on @hsn.”

Simpson wears a bohemian-inspired flowery dress and matching blazer with light pink shoes in the photo.

Tina Simpson, the southern singer’s mother, was also present, and the two shared a different selfie of themselves together earlier in the day, both dressed in leopard print.

“We’re slap-happy and having a good time giving some fashion ideas for the best bang for your money, my friends!” she captioned the black-and-white family snapshot.

After parent business Sequential Brands Group Inc. filed for bankruptcy in August, Simpson and her mother reclaimed control of her namesake brand last autumn.

“To be able to take total custody of my brand means the entire world to me,” the singer told Flaunt Weekly at the time.

“After 16 years in business, I’m ready to embrace this next exciting era.” When my mother, our great staff, and I entirely focus on our consumers, I know the sky is the limit.”

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