Travis Barker's "Give The Drummer Some" Press Day

Blink-182’s world tour has been postponed due to Travis Barker’s horrific finger injury.

The band’s much-anticipated reunion tour, which was supposed to begin this month, has been postponed until May.

Last November, pop-punk fans rejoiced when Blink-182 announced the reunion of their original lineup (Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker, and Tom DeLonge) for a new album and a world tour. Yet the preparation for that tour, which was supposed to begin later this month, has already taken its toll on Barker. The drummer disclosed on Instagram that he will have surgery after injuring his hand during a rehearsal. As a result, the tour’s start date has been pushed back.

Barker’s Instagram post includes graphic photographs of his wounded finger as well as a video of a medical practitioner stroking it and asking the drummer, “Do you feel pain?”

Barker damaged his finger twice during the month of February. On February 8, he blogged about “smashing” his finger so hard that it dislocated and tore ligaments. He confessed in an Instagram story less than two weeks later that he had damaged the same hand “again.”

Kourtney Kardashian Barker, Barker’s wife, was supportive on Instagram, posting prayer hands and heart emojis in the comments.

Barker’s hand injuries came just over a year after he was diagnosed with “life-threatening pancreatitis” last summer. apologies for the delay.

The reunion tour of Blink-182 will now begin on May 4 in St. Paul. The March and April dates in Mexico and Latin America that were canceled will be rescheduled for next year. For the most up-to-date tour schedule, visit the band’s website.