Mastering Leadership: Stephen Scoggins’ Proven Habits for Success

As a seasoned entrepreneur and leader, Stephen Scoggins understands the drive to get things done. However, he learned that relying solely on his tactical talents in the early stages of building his business wasn’t enough in the long run. Great leadership is about being someone others will follow and a chief motivator, bringing people together to work toward a common goal.

In this article, Stephen shares the six habits he developed to become a better leader and grow his organization.

  1. Grow Yourself Leadership starts with personal growth. Stephen emphasizes the importance of never stopping learning and improving, citing that growth is a life-long endeavor. By continually learning and setting an example of excellence, Stephen noticed that his team also began to seek growth on their own.
  2. Become More Self-Aware Self-awareness is critical to success. Stephen suggests knowing your strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots to focus on what you do best and hire in areas where you need help. He also encourages accountability from his team to help improve self-awareness.
  3. Own Your Mistakes Stephen believes that owning up to mistakes builds trust and creates a safer, more vulnerable environment for your team. He practices consistently holding himself accountable and immediately owning up to any missteps.
  4. Lean In Leaning in is a simple concept that involves understanding another person’s perspective and withholding judgment. Stephen believes great leaders prioritize a positive outcome for others over being right and are open to having their minds changed.
  5. Let Go Trying to control everything is a common mistake among small business owners. Stephen emphasizes the importance of letting go and delegating tasks to others. This allows you to focus on your strengths and helps your team grow and develop new skills.
  6. Be a Good Listener Finally, Stephen highlights the importance of being a good listener. By truly listening to your team and what they have to say, you can better understand their perspectives and build stronger relationships.

In conclusion, Stephen Scoggins’ leadership habits provide valuable insights into how to become a better leader and grow your organization. By following these habits, you can become a chief motivator, a beacon of hope for your employees, and lead your company to success.

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