How Spencer Vann, of Surplus Cashflow Is Unleashing the Potential of a Billion-Dollar Market for Passive Income

The recovery of surplus funds is a profitable and legitimate business, involving the retrieval of unclaimed funds held by government agencies, such as tax refunds, unclaimed property, and court settlements, and then charging a fee to return them to their rightful owners.

Surplus Cashflow, a company founded by Spencer Vann, provides education, training, and services to assist individuals and businesses in reclaiming these funds.

Recently, Spencer Vann made headlines as he collaborated with Kevin Harrington, one of the original Sharks from the popular TV show Shark Tank, and his new venture American Entrepreneur. Surplus Cashflow’s mission is to help people retrieve their unclaimed funds from the government.

Surplus Cashflow is a done-for-you Surplus Fund income opportunity that brings clients 6 figures in income passively. Surplus Cashflow is a recession-proof, passive income stream that doesn’t rely on big platforms like Amazon or require clients to sell products and buy inventory.

Unlike Amazon and its franchises, Surplus Cashflow offers a flat fee without any additional charges for inventory or training.

The company gives money away without any cyclical economic impact. Spencer Vann states, “When the economy is down, the business goes up because more people want and need money. When the economy is up, people still need money. This is a significant difference between Surplus Cashflow and Amazon businesses that are based on selling products that may or may not sell depending on the economic times.”

Spencer Vann’s journey into entrepreneurship began when he was just a child. As a kid, in kindergarten, he started a lemonade stand to help raise money for his younger brother, who has severe autism and needed expensive medical treatment. It was so successful that he was featured on the cover of the local newspaper. Later, after shattering his ankle playing basketball, he rediscovered his love for business. At 16, he began attending real estate meetup groups in his local area.

At 19, Spencer Vann learned about Surplus Fund Recovery at a local meetup group. He was doing cold calls at the time, calling people who were losing their homes due to foreclosure. His goal was to flip their property by buying it at a discount, but most of his calls ended with him being yelled off the phone.

With Surplus Funds, he was calling people and telling them they were owed money. Spencer realized something bigger; no one was talking about this opportunity online. He thought, “If I simply bring this online, I’d own the entire market.”

In 2017, he launched an education company called, where he taught others what he had learned. Through that company, Vann amassed 5,000 students and an estimated $500,000,000 in total money recovered.

This year, Spencer was invited to appear on the “American Entrepreneur Show” hosted by Kevin Harrington, who is known for his role on the popular TV show Shark Tank. The interview will take place on March 13th, 2023, and will focus on Surplus Cashflow’s impressive track record of success and how interested parties can partner with the company. The interview will be aired on national TV networks and also distributed online, with the potential to reach a large audience.