Meet Keezy: Up and Coming Rapper Changing HipHop with Middle Eastern Vibe

The music industry has gifted the world with numerous melodious gems. However, not all of them hail from big cities on the map of music; some belong to lesser-known countries and towns as well. The rising hip-hop artist and rapper Keezy is an example here. Keezy, whose roots can be traced back to a small village in Syria, is taking the industry by storm with his unique middle-eastern vibes infused with contemporary hip-hop, ushering in a new trend.

Keezy is one of the fresh music talents who have revived the traditional hip-hop genre to create a cutting-edge sound that is hard-hitting yet familiar. Also, popularly known by his brand name SandBox Baby, Keezy’s music is highly influenced by his experiences throughout his growing up years in Syria. After his birth in California, Keezy’s parents took him and his brothers to a small village named Faruzi in Syria. His parents wanted Keezy and his siblings to know more about their people and their culture while growing up and always stay connected to their roots. The village hardly had any other form of entertainment apart from music, and that’s where Keezy discovered his passion.

From his school days, Keezy felt drawn to his culture and the Middle Eastern beats. When the family returned to California, Keezy knew he was going to earn a living in the music industry and show the world what a boy from Syria can do in hip-hop. Penetrating a close-knit industry that is dominated by young talent was quite challenging for Keezy. His parents’ struggles and work ethic have been his biggest motivation to move on despite all the hurdles that came in his way. Keezy was determined to let his story and the story of his people and culture be heard by the world, so he kept persisting even though he saw no positive results.

Learning to have patience and continue with the same determination and energy was the most difficult part of his journey. However, Keezy knew that nothing came easy, so he continued working harder on his skills, and eventually all that paid off. He had the opportunity to work with top names from the music industry like Hit-Boy and Dom Kennedy, who have always been his idols. Hit-Boy invited Keezy to his studio, and since the time they met, both of them felt a similar kind of energy resonating within them. On the first day at the studio, Keezy played his first recording 50 times and instantly got a deal from Hit-Boy. Keezy shared a similar positive vibe with Dom, which instantly bonded both artists to work together.

Keezy dropped his debut single with Dom, produced by Hit-Boy, and the video earned crazy popularity on all platforms. Soon after his first success, Keezy released his second single and music video with Hit-Boy, which was well-received by the audience. Now the duo is planning to launch an album that is going to fire up the industry with unique middle-eastern rhythms blended into contemporary hip-hop. Keezy attributes a major part of this success to his good friend and manager, Double, who shared the vision of the artist to give him the opportunity to scale up.

Keezy will continue to make fresh music, infusing his native Middle Eastern beats into hip-hop as a mark of his signature style. He also looks forward to expanding his brand into a record label and working with top names from the industry to take his voice to the international platform.