Luxury Personal Shopper: Veblen Store’s Owner Is Styling VIPs & Celebrities

Shopping for luxury items to match your style can be challenging. You might walk from one store to the next, looking for what looks good on you and compliments your features, in vain. Fortunately, there is a store established to enhance your shopping experience. Veblen Store specializes in high-end designer clothing and streetwear, including sneakers, collector bags, sought-after jackets, and exotic watches.

Veblen Store is one of the best online stores in Australia where VIPs and superstars go when they want high-end wearables. It stocks only luxury items from reputable brands imported from overseas and boasts exceptional customer service. The store is committed to exceeding customers’ expectations, and it guarantees satisfaction. But who is behind this successful luxury shopping store?

Veblen Store is owned and run by Sri Lankan-born 23-year-old Afrid Rahuman. Afrid has had a passion for fashion since he was a kid, and he turned that obsession for fashion into a successful business, the Veblen Store. He stands out as a young entrepreneur in the fashion industry because of his global connections. He can source high-end, authentic luxury pieces from reputable manufacturers, which makes his clients trust him all the more. Though his prices are competitive, Afrid’s clients are superstars and VIPs who value quality and authenticity over anything else.

Afrid has experienced numerous challenges when building his business. He knows marketing fashion items is best done through social media, including Instagram. But building credibility on Instagram was a problem because of the fake accounts and scammers on the platform, making it difficult for him to make his online store look legitimate. People don’t trust sellers, especially those selling expensive designer products worth thousands of dollars.

Afrid also struggled to stand out in a competitive market. But he managed to do so through his creative content, connecting all his clients on WhatsApp, and building authentic relationships with them. He speaks to each client directly and offers them a personalized shopping experience. As a result, Afrid’s clients feel they are treated right and build trust.

The Veblen Store has established itself as a go-to luxury goods store and Afrid as Australia’s best personal shopper. Veblen Store combines high-end designer and streetwear with guaranteed authenticity. The store had a breakthrough when it sourced a rare Chanel bag and Rolex Daytona John Mayer for its VIPs. These are just a sample of what you can find in the store.

Afrid is a dedicated entrepreneur with big dreams for the Veblen Store. He wants to grow his brand with branches throughout Australia and beyond. He also plans to open a private boutique to make his brand stand out.

Apart from the hard work and commitment to serving his customers, Afrid admits his success is due to his relationship with God. He is grateful for how far he has come and for being guided by God, who he believes will walk with him to the end. Veblen Store has defeated the competition and now stands out as a top store specializing in high-end designer goods and streetwear.