How Sharukh Pithawalla Went from Ghost Producer to TikTok Star

With the evolution in music production and technology, DJing has become a dream career for millions. Who doesn’t want to be the life of an event or a party, making thousands move to their tunes? However, DJing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Understanding the crowd’s vibe and playing music to keep everyone dancing all night requires skill. Sharukh Pithawalla is an emerging name in this space. The young talent of Indian origin has been storming the music scene during high school and is now stealing the spotlight on social media with his entertaining content. He is proof that career opportunities should not be restricted to one field and that anyone can explore their skills in any area they are interested in.

Growing up in California, Sharukh always had plans to set the world on fire. He has always been passionate about music and dreamed of making it big in the entertainment industry. During his freshman year in high school, Sharukh worked at Chipotle and PacSun. He soon started following his passion for music and even gained recognition for his talent. Sharukh ghost-produced music for a lot of EDM artists and even produced and sold beats to rappers.

Sharukh created enthralling tracks sitting in his room with only his computer as a tool. While he was thinking of getting those tracks published, life took a positive turn, and he was flooded with offers to DJ at famous events and parties. He even got an acting gig in Dubai and was about to fly there. Just when Sharukh thought he was going to take a significant step forward in his career, the pandemic ruined all his plans. With his flights postponed and lockdown becoming the new way of life, Sharukh had to figure out other ways to fulfill his dream of being in the spotlight. That’s when he started creating social media content, and before he knew it, he was a TikTok star.

With his first video on TikTok, Sharukh went from 0 to 100K followers almost overnight. Since then, he hasn’t stopped. Currently, Sharukh has more than 5 million followers on TikTok. A year ago, he started creating content on YouTube and has already amassed over a million subscribers with more than 800 million views. Earning a Silver and Gold Play Button within a couple of years as a YouTuber has been a milestone in his career, and Sharukh has no plans to stop now.

Sharukh is aware of his brilliant stage presence and his ability to be the life of the party. He has never been camera-shy, so creating content on social media came naturally to him. Unlike others who are hesitant to step into the entertainment industry because of the steep competition and changing trends, Sharukh has always seen this as his dream career. He is ready to put his heart and soul into creating more engaging content for his followers while keeping the dream of becoming a DJ alive.

Sharukh plans to release his own compositions in the near future while still working to be one of the top creators on social media. He wants to inspire other aspiring talents who are dreaming of becoming digital content creators.