Monay Hair Cryotherapy, the New, Revolutionary Products by Nery Monay

Do you desire to have that silky smooth hair? Well, it’s time you actualized your dream with cryotherapy technology. It’s a revolutionary hair treatment that allows you to submerge your hair in negative zero temperatures. The aim is to relax your hair and ensure each strand is well-conditioned. Since their introduction, this revolutionary system and products are something new and safe, and you can attain results like no other without damaging the hair or inhaling toxic fumes.

MONAY HAIR Cryotherapy by Nery Monay is one of the leading hair straightener brands. A one-of-a-kind company, Monay Hair Cryotherapy stands out as the first and only brand to combine cryotherapy and nano protein, cryotherapy, and collagen to achieve unique results on the market without damaging the hair or using toxic chemicals.

Born in Paris, Nery is an experienced leader in the world of hairdressing and a beautician with a focus on healthy hair. Nery holds a certificate in hairdressing from one of the most prestigious schools in Paris. For the next eleven years, she dedicated her time and energy to developing innovative hair treatments. When she eventually moved to Sydney in 2019 looking for a new adventure and after countless hours and thousands of miles, Nery established MONAY HAIR Cryotherapy, her brand with a mission to create the healthiest and most luxurious hair care products.

“To come up with this system, it took 18 months of extensive research and trial and error to formulate this one-of-a-kind nano protein and collagen for the hair to achieve results better than what’s out there while actually repairing the hair instead of damaging it,” Nery explains.

MONAY HAIR Cryotherapy is a new treatment that guarantees straight, shiny, silky, controllable, and frizz-free hair for months, depending on hair type condition, without damaging or inhaling toxic fumes. Nery adds that their systems and products help strengthen the hair shaft, which can improve the overall health and appearance of the hair. Additionally, the system and products help repair damaged hair and reduce split ends.

Nery adds that Monay Hair Cryotherapy uses an organic straightening treatment that works with cryotherapy subzero temperatures. They embrace and work with the first formula to use negative temperatures to repair your hair. “It took us 18 months to develop the fabulous brand, Monay Professional, and find the perfect formulas that will give back life to your hair,” she explains.

The formula is infused with high-quality active ingredients such as Amla oil, biotin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen, which repair broken cuticles to create hair that is smoother, softer, shinier, and more robust. It also stimulates hair growth and is organic and not tested on animals.

Nery’s product range reflects her perfectionist personality. She creates a relaxed environment for her clients and looks forward to making you look and feel your best. Her dream is to see every hair salon worldwide using the Monay Hair Cryotherapy system and products. Nery also wants to see their aftercare range sold at major beauty outlets such as Sephora and Mecca.