Need to Learn Life Insurance? Derek Wolf Is the Mentor For You

If you are someone who is looking to get a solid understanding of life insurance, Derek Wolf is the mentor you need. With a background rooted in entrepreneurship and a passion for helping others with their finances, Derek is changing people’s thoughts about life insurance. He has a clear vision for his career, and he wants people to remember his name.

Like Brad Lee or Grant Cardon, Derek wants to be known as a leader in his field. But, as the president and CEO of Howling Wolves Financial Services, Derek is not just your average financial specialist; he is a mentor worth learning from.

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Derek was exposed to the business world early in his life. Throughout his childhood, Derek was active in various organizations and held leadership positions in 4-H, NJAA, Boy Scouts, the church and even the volunteer fire department. Then, he went to college and received a degree in economics, finance, and business while also running and working multiple companies.

His drive to succeed led him to the world of insurance. Initially, Derek saw insurance as a way to supplement his income, but after just one month, he realized that insurance offered a unique opportunity to help others maximize the value of their dollar while still alive.

With his education and experience, Derek was able to understand carrier’s different products and how to use them to help families to their best advantage. But his goal didn’t stop there. He wanted to help people learn financial literacy and take control of their finances, which is why he puts on seminars and is preparing to take his knowledge to social media.

It’s not just Derek’s background and passion for financial literacy that sets him apart; it’s his approach to life. Despite whatever income he earns, Derek has always been a penny-pusher and never overspends on things that don’t matter. This frugal mindset is what drives Derek to help others make the most of their finances, and it’s what makes him a mentor worth learning from.

His journey in life insurance started when he already had a life insurance policy and discovered that there was a way to make it work for him while he was still alive. A chance encounter with a life insurance broker led to a 2-hour phone call, which eventually resulted in Derek being offered a job as a broker. Derek took the leap of faith despite his initial hesitation and has never looked back since. He quickly discovered that being a broker, he was able to offer policy plans at a fraction of a cost compared to the other providers along with having more options available to families to truly help set them up on a customized plan just for them.

Derek Wolf is a true testament to the power of hard work and determination. With his extensive knowledge and passion for life insurance, he is the mentor that anyone looking to learn about life insurance needs and how to make your money work for you while alive, hence the name “LIFE” insurance. Whether you’re a client or just someone looking for information, Derek’s commitment to helping families and his unyielding dedication to financial literacy make him the go-to source for all things life insurance.