Ferris Bueller

A Ferris Bueller spinoff about the valet guys who stole his car has been released, good to see.

Sam and Victor’s Day Off, produced by the Cobra Kai team, will provide an answer to a subject that has perplexed Ferris Bueller fans for a generation.

Everybody who has ever seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, the cult classic teen comedy directed by John Hughes, inevitably wonders: “Why are we spending all this time with these miserable kids when we could be watching the valet guys, huh? While this jerk is gazing at the painting, what are the valet guys doing?

Finally, thanks to Deadline’s news that a new movie based in the larger Ferris Bueller Cinematic Universe is in development, that hunger for knowledge can be quenched: Sam and Victor’s Day Off will go in-depth into, well, what those two previously nameless valet guys—Richard Edson and Larry “Flash” Jenkins—were up to while they were bombing about Chicago in Cameron’s father’s automobile.

No, we also have no idea why this is taking place.

The team behind Cobra Kai, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, are putting together the movie; they have a history of going far further into the mythologies of classic ’80s films than one might originally suspect. The script is reportedly being written by Bill Posley.

Are we mistaken, or does this feel like something that would have been presented to streaming services maybe five years ago? Maybe back in those heady days when anything could be a Quibi if you had the money and the right mindset? You’re essentially assuming that audiences will see the words “Day Off” in the title, hear one of those “Bow bow ohhhhh yeah”s off the soundtrack in the trailer, and have some sort of Pavlovian reaction forcing them to check out the movie. Of course, Bueller is still beloved, but it’s not like anyone knows who the hell “Sam and Victor” are. Why not simply create a unique comedy about a couple valet guys? What even serves the Bueller connection? Is this an instance of someone attempting to protect their copyright in some way? It’s truly perplexing information.