God of War Ragnarok

A God of War Ragnarok leak appears to reveal the model for Odin.

Despite the lack of information, God of War Ragnarok is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games this fall. However, one rumour suggests that Odin’s model has been revealed.


Elden Ring has already won Game of the Year for many fans (at The Game Awards and others), but many believe God of War Ragnarok might be a serious rival. This highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive recently received a November 9 release date, and given that both FromSoftware and Santa Monica Studios’ last games won the GOTY at The Game Awards, it could be a real battle this year—depending on how it all unfolds, of course.


Although the release date and a teaser for Fenrir’s arrival in God of War Ragnarok were revealed, not much gameplay or even recent footage has been shown off. Fans are aware that Kratos and Atreus are attempting to stop Ragnarok, and that Thor, Freya, Tyr, Fenrir, Angrboda, and Fenrir are all somehow connected. Many are also anticipating the appearance of Odin in the game or a trailer, especially after his ravens were potentially teased in another trailer, but neither his hide nor hair of him has been officially shown.


However, following the recent Last of Us Part 1 leaks, there are reports of a number more God of War Ragnarok leaks out there. Nothing regarding God of War Ragnarok has surfaced online since there was purportedly a security flaw that some fans were able to control and access, until now. Odin’s character model was recently revealed by “retired” leaker AethesticGamer/Dusk Golem, who is primarily known for horror and Resident Evil leaks. Take this with a grain of salt because it’s not official information, but if you want to view it for yourself, click HERE.


There was some debate regarding Odin’s appearance, and there seemed to be some surprise that he wasn’t a mighty God being that lived among men like Zeus. In fact, it looks that Odin’s appearance—if this is true—may do the same, much to how God of War Ragnarok’s interpretation of Thor confused some people. From what can be seen, he appears to be a very frail man with a stature that is almost monk-like, and he has a very modest demeanor. It’s possible that Kratos and Atreus come across him without realizing he’s the Norse Gods’ king.


This does, however, mainly fit with Odin’s mythology as well. Even while mythology was never exactly followed in God of War—instead, it served as inspiration—it is still an intriguing interpretation of the great god.