A party game based on Wordle is coming out.

Now you and your friends can guess words

Hasbro and The New York Times said Thursday that the online word game Wordle, which is very popular, will soon be available as a board game. Wordle: The Party Game will be on sale in North America in October, but you can pre-order it on the game’s official website right now.

A press release from Hasbro and NYT Games says that two to four people can play Wordle: The Party Game together or against each other to solve word puzzles. Each round, one person is chosen to be the “Wordle Host.” This person writes down a secret word that the other players have to try to guess. Like the original game, players will only be able to guess the word six times. The player gets fewer points if it takes them less than three tries to guess the word. The player with the fewest points at the end of the game wins.

Hasbro says that the game will follow the classic Wordle rules and include a “beat the clock” mode and team-based word guessing.

The official Wordle board game can be bought from Amazon, Hasbro’s Pulse website, and Target for $19.99. In the box are three Wordle boards, three shields, a Secret Word board, three dry-erase markers, 45 green tiles, 45 yellow tiles, and the game guide.