Ezra Miller

According to reports, Ezra Miller has a “Messiah” complex and wants to lead a “indigenous revolution.”

According to a source, Miller thinks their relationship with Tokata Iron Eyes, who they are alleged to have groomed, will “bring about the apocalypse.”


According to a recent story, Ezra Miller takes the Facebook Metaverse and the DC Multiverse very seriously.


The “The Flash” star’s repeated arrests and subsequent apology, which cited mental health issues, were covered in-depth by Vanity Fair. Since their parents’ divorce in 2019 and the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, Miller, who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, has reportedly been dealing with a variety of mental health concerns for more than two years.


Miller was charged with a felony for burglary in August after being arrested for disorderly conduct, harassment, and second-degree assault. The star of “Perks of Being a Wallflower” has also been accused of endangering children, including allegations that he began grooming teens at the age of 12. Miller apologised in front of the public in August 2022 and said they were seeking treatment.


The parents of 18-year-old environmental activist Tokata Iron Eyes asked the court to issue a protective order against Miller, claiming in court documents that the actor met Tokata six years ago when they were both 12 and Miller was 23. According to a source in the new Vanity Fair article, Miller believes themselves to be a Christ-like figure fated to wed Tokata.


According to a source from Miller’s Vermont compound known as “The Mountain,” their union is designed to bring about the apocalypse. “Ezra is Jesus, and Tokata is an apocalyptic Native American spider goddess,” the source said. And that is the “true” justification for everyone’s opposition to their relationship.


Jumping Eagle, the mother of Iron Eyes, continued, “They claim to be some sort of messiah and to be leading an Indigenous revolution.”


In addition to engaging in “cult-like activity” and grooming the kid, Iron Eyes’ parents said Miller used “violence, intimidation, threat of violence, terror, psychosis, delusions, and drugs to gain power over a young adolescent Tokata.” Miller was charged by Jumping Eagle with influencing Tokata’s choice to come out as non-binary transgender.


“If someone annoys Ezra, they’re a transphobic or a transphobic Nazi,” Jumping Eagle continued. Now we’re ‘transphobic’ because we’re attempting to defend our daughter and point out what Ezra has done to hurt her.


A “court harem” of largely young ladies has been characterised as “The Mountain,” where guests are advised to deposit their cell phones at Miller’s “altar,” which also has action figurines of The Flash. Miller’s home is “really a patriarchal dictatorship where Ezra controls all the sex as the male, plays the women against each other, screams at them, and belittles them in front of the others,” according to another individual who was part of the original report.


Miller is accused of abusing their associates “verbally and emotionally” and referring to themselves as Jesus and the devil. According to reports, the actor “claims that the Flash is the one who brings the multiverses together just like Jesus” on a regular basis.