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Adam Levine adultery allegations: Chrishell Stause, Emily Ratajkowski, and others weigh in

Levine, who is wed to Behati Prinsloo, was allegedly involved in an affair, according to Instagram model Sumner Stroh.


After Adam Levine was suspected of having an extramarital affair with his wife Behati Prinsloo, celebrities including Emily Ratajkowski, Chrishell Stause, and others voiced their opinions.


Since announcing that he and Prinsloo are expecting their third child, Levine has been accused of infidelity by Instagram model Sumner Stroh. He has also been accused of sending amorous texts to other women.


Actress Sara Foster quickly posted her opinions on TikTok, calling Levine a “pig” for sleeping with Prinsloo.


“To begin with, I detest cheats. When I was a little child, a circumstance involving cheating caused my family to split up “Foster elucidated. “I believe it’s acceptable if a man or woman wants to end a relationship. That happens all the time. But lying is so disgusting.”



Adam Levine, a married father of two, is accused of sending two women lewd texts.


Foster continued by criticising Stroh in particular for the widely shared TikTok video in which she made the accusations against Levine.


Foster began by saying, “Well, he’s obviously a total pig and gross, but this woman who chose to make a viral TikTok video claiming like, by the way, not even apologising, but putting it out there for the world to see, for a pregnant woman to see, when she could have just messaged her privately,” before adding, “We don’t feel sorry for you.”


“You participated even though you knew he was married,” she said. “You have the option to disregard the communications. You were aware of his marriage.”


The “Demoted” actor highlighted that Stroh and Levine were both at fault.


Foster continued, “There are two things here. “Any man seeking a committed relationship with another woman is a pig. However, we need to improve as women. If a married man approaches you and acts like a pig, presumably your upbringing prepared you to say, “No, sorry.” You have a spouse. I can’t interact. Like this girl is doing a great disservice to women.”




Ratajkowski disagreed with Foster’s position on the alleged wrongdoing, though. The model uploaded a TikTok video of her own in response to the actress’.


“The fact that we simply state, “Oh, males are monsters,” I believe is a major problem in our culture right now. They are awful. They are abhorrent. We don’t hold them responsible, so we accuse other women instead. We also urge women to behave differently. more than only stating that guys ought to behave differently.”


Added her: “That is sexism. It is stereotypical misogyny.”

Stause, the star of “Selling Sunset,” took issue with Levine’s public apologies. Levine apologised to Prinsloo and refuted the rumours of an affair.


Levine said in his statement, “In certain cases it became improper; I have addressed it and taken proactive steps to fix this with my family.


“I only care about my wife and my family in this world. The worst mistake I could have ever made was to be so gullible and foolish as to put in danger the one thing that truly matters to me “Added he. “I won’t succeed again. I accept full accountability. We’ll manage to overcome it. And together, we shall overcome this.”


Stause tweeted about his apologies, saying, “I detest when a man says, “We will get through it together,” after publicly admitting to infidelity. Stop speaking for her. You’ve completed enough.”


Nick Viall, a former “Bachelor” contestant, slammed the “Moves Like Jagger” singer while emphasising that Victoria’s Secret model Prinsloo and the couple’s children are the only “victims” in the incident.


“The first, and most significant, is that Behati, Adam’s wife, is the lone victim in this situation. She’s like, “I don’t deserve this,” “said Viall. “The second is that the people in a relationship are the only ones accountable for keeping it safe. If there was an affair here, it was Adam’s decision to have one and not this girl’s active participation. If she hadn’t been chosen, someone else would have.”


Levine and Prinsloo have made their third child’s impending arrival public knowledge. Stroh announced she had an affair with Levine for a year shortly after the news surfaced. Levine allegedly informed the model in the video that he intended to name his next child “Sumner” after her.


In the video, Stroh claimed, “I was essentially having an affair with a man who is married to a Victoria’s Secret model.” “I felt taken advantage of at the time because I was young, naive, and used. I was definitely susceptible to manipulation since I wasn’t as present as I am today.”


In hindsight, she said, “I wish I had questioned things more and I wish I hadn’t been so innocent, but being naive is not an excuse for what I did and the part I played in this.” “Again, I never intended to arouse sympathy, and I am completely aware that I am not the victim in this situation. I’m very sorry, but Behati and her kids are the ones who are being hurt in this situation, not me.”


Three more women have come forward since Stroh’s allegations were made public, alleging that Levine sent them amorous texts while he was still dating Prinsloo.

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